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The artistry of underground metal

The artistry of underground metal
March 11, 2014, 04:09:24 AM
Well, I don't know about art, and I don't give a shit about art no matter what it is. I'm just doing what comes natural, and I've never thought about it as art. The things I do are for me, I've never done music for no one but me. Still, I think it's satisfying to know that the truly dedicated out there find something in what I do.
Interview with Ildjarn

In a world of plastic garbage and derivative, 'intellectual' modern art, underground metal hit a nerve. It managed to be engaging in a way, that made the highbrow, socially accepted art seem hollow in comparison.

Perhaps this was because the artists had no idea that they were making art to begin with. They were simply reveling in the unadulterated joy of distorted sound, bending and shaping it because they could, till it felt right. Not seeking to come up with something to fit into some preconceived theory of art and expression. Just being alive, exploring the endless possibilities of an aesthetic, that 'normal' people rejected as noisy and unpleasant, with youthful zeal.

And in this activity they found all the meaning and adventure, that the dying society around them never could provide. Almost by accident, but not quite. They found their own spirit.

Maybe this is what's embedded in the sound. And perhaps this is what made it such beautiful art.

They weren't seeking to be taken seriously by others - but they understood that what they were doing was something worth taking seriously.