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Woman With Broom.

Re: Woman With Broom.
March 28, 2014, 08:35:32 AM
It been replaced by vacuum cleaners. It maybe crazy, but in ghost buster, the vacuum cleaner can suck and trap spirits. I think there's some truth to it. The broom was a essencial part of what made a witch. I think foundamentaly, women are witches (it's no pejorative to me) but they don't know that anymore and they don't know the real power and dignity who lies in sewing, brooming and making food.

Maybe the broom clean without sucking the soul out of the place. Maybe that's why so much modern houses have no souls.

It's interesting that you say this and that crow likes it. I get insight into people's minds with this forum

I plan on writing a book. No, really, in the future, I'ts too soon to publish book now, but I've started the drafts.

And some of it have to do with what you said: Projections, dust, the projections we make on particles. For example, there is neutral dust, or evil dust. If that dust is serving an evil purpose, it becomes evil dust. We project stuff even in the dust.

In english I like to call that process ´ensoulment´. There is an interesting paralell to what you said, the dust, soul, and philip k dick's statement about nag-hammadi books: He said they contained a living plasmate. The man who discovered the books said a golden dust was expelled by them when he moved them, he even feared there were spirits. Philip K dick says that it was the living plasmate, an entity that he believed imparted wisdom, and some of it was in the books, being repositories of wisdom.

A good text from that library, if i'm not mistaken, is Perfect Mind.