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How I fucked your mother and other stories.

How I fucked your mother and other stories.
April 22, 2014, 07:19:50 AM
I realize the internet is a big Rumpus Room. It's where people go to blow off steam.

The difference here is that we're seeking to avoid the sickness of society at large. Society is sick; every charlatan acknowledges that. But here, there's a difference: we seek solutions.

The first solution is a very simple one. It is to stop carrying the sickness with us. Since the sickness is a frame of mind and series of behaviors, task #1 is to purge those from ourselves.

I propose that this forum resolve to exclusively pursue this path, and for new users to be quiet until they think they've begun beating this disease.

Sounds like an good idea.  Implementing it is going to be a whole other beast.  Interzone is a place ungoverned by law.  How is this purging going to happen? Who is going to keep new users quiet and stop the sickness from spreading?

Each member must do his bit, by himself, for himself.
If he has any energy left, after that, he may enjoy himself by doing whatever he enjoys doing.
What is to be avoided is multi-million dollar rescue operations mounted in order to try to save losers who embark upon ocean voyages on rubber air mattresses.

You're on your own. Set sail, have adventures, but don't take a radio to call for help if things go pear-shaped, along the way. Make stupid mistakes and nature, itself, will slap you down and eat you.

The ocean isn't interested in what you think of it. Neither is the wind. What you think means nothing.
Do your best, do it 'til you die, or fuck right off and quit bothering those who do.

Each member must do his bit, by himself, for himself.

The important part here is recognizing that your self-interest includes civilization at large and as a part of that, this forum.

Without civilization, we are nothing... people adrift in third-world-level wastelands. (Third-world-level can happen anywhere. It's not a place; it's a degree of civilizational collapse.)

Then, there's the high cost of not having constant enforcement: we must all behave, and remind others to do the same, and if someone refuses, we must boycott them until they fuck off :)