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A series of revolutions - the history of excusing sloth

Culturally, linguistically, environmentally - we have the cards we are dealt. The longest-lived examples of these phenomena developed organically, and later mechanical developments were based upon the organic foundation. Lofty metaphysical speculation about such subjects can open our eyes to impotent behavior, but without matter form serves no purpose. When we dismiss contemporary culture as irrelevant, we confine ourselves to two conclusions: that a new culture needs to be imposed, or that we are superior for merely noting the ineptitude of others. Neither conclusion amounts to anything practical. Mind you, by practicality, I do not mean mere material or social success; by practicality I mean displaying what we know to be good by our actions. I know that's the one stance that no one seems to want to hear now and days, but maybe we talk too much. This isn't an invitation to show off your merit-badges, so if you feel convicted then perhaps silence is best. You have soil surrounding you, and under your feet: till it.

Well social pressure conspires to hold me back because of my national origin, alternative lifestyle or other attributes that cause me to differ from the majority. Thus, resources are made invisible or not at my disposal. So, I need to dig around in your wallet and take your resources so I can have the same chance as you. If you disagree you're the devil and the government will force you to comply. Agree and I'll keep taking from you in perpetuity.