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The final goal before collapse is total control

I was inspired by our host's latest blog and readily found:

It’s no secret that police departments around the country are deploying automated license plate readers to build massive databases to identify the location of vehicles. But one company behind this Orwellian tracking system is determined to stay out of the news.

How determined? Vigilant Solutions, founded in 2009, claims to have the nation’s largest repository of license-plate images with nearly 2 billion records stored in its National Vehicle Location Service (NVLS). Despite the enormous implications of the database for the public, any law enforcement agency that signs up for the service is sworn to a vow of silence by the company’s terms of service.

Vigilant is clear about the reason for the secrecy: it’s to prevent customers from “cooperating” with media and calling attention to its database.

That database is used by law enforcement and others to track stolen cars or vehicles used in crimes, as well as to locate illegal immigrants, kidnapping victims and others — though the vast majority of license plates stored belong to ordinary drivers who aren’t suspected of a crime.


If we had a real purpose as a civilization this sort of waste wouldn't be needed. But that would require that we have more in common than not which wouldn't be very liberal of us.

A totally-controlled collapse is a very telling concept.
Reminds me of those skyscraper demolitions, using explosives.
Why just leisurely dismantle it when you can really make an impression!

Even crazier, it is like the building security guards tightening control to the extent that all activity within has to first answer to them. Eventually, all business conducted centers around building security instead of their various former pursuits. As a result, the structure falls into such disrepair from lack of care, maintenance and funding that collapse of the whole structure is imminent.

Funny thing: earlier today my wife and I were discussing the decaying state of things.
All over the 'first world', rail and road networks, bridges and ferries, are crumbling into rubble, for lack of maintenance. No profit in maintenance is there? Companies buy these vital assets, and run them into the ground while extracting as much profit as they can in the process. Then they do a runner and/or liquidate.
Gas lines, water mains, sewers, electrical grids, disappearing manhole covers and lead roofing, even bronze war memorials, stripped and stolen by the kind of people that steal such things. Along with vandalism for the sake of it.
Oh boy.

I may end up living in an igloo, part-time, and under a tree for the rest.
Fish oil for lamps, if there are any fish left.


What a time to be alive, hey?

None better :)

Cut loose the chaff, fat and riffraff then the pursuit of control, comfort and diversions can diminish. Then living life fully, meaningfully resumes along with some real history and occasional works lasting across the ages. In stark contrast the likes of Occupy Wallstreet, Justin Bieber and Pussy Riot are the face of progress for us instead. We couldn't be doing any worse for our potential.