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The boredom

The boredom
May 10, 2014, 09:35:50 AM
The insights you need to watch for are the ones that are slippery like catfish. They're in the brain one moment but the construction immediately begins to fade.

I saw one such realization about boredom. It was that, once one is moderately successful at anything, there is not much to remain interesting. You have what you need. Then there's exploring the great music and books. That doesn't last forever either. Then what to do with your life?

You need to find a quest outside of what you already know.

Boredom serves a holy role. Life is basically boring, and boredom is what happens when we don't have a challenge or goal.

Nothing can rest, because rest causes decomposition. There must always be a goal. No, not "progress" -- that's a fake goal, an inward self-referential and thus AIDSy goal -- but something that one wishes to create, achieve and generate.

Re: The boredom
May 10, 2014, 12:58:29 PM
I'd say that's one of the motives of progressivism. We're good at this living stuff so now it's time to change the world to keep our boredom at bay.

That in turn just swaps boredom for panicked, fire-stomping error correction but no joy, meaning or growth. A better approach is to reassess our world as it is and reengage it on its own terms with a new challenge for ourselves.

The natural world, endless universe, man's pre-rational animal instinct already present us with untold opportunities for overcoming. We never needed to wreck what wasn't broken in order to have fun convincing ourselves we're fixing it.

Re: The boredom
May 11, 2014, 01:45:06 AM
Is it wrong that I do not get bored? So many things to do, so much to unravel within the mind. So much to disassemble, then reassemble upon discovering the root. Perhaps I am not that old yet.

Insight it seems, is like stepping out into sunlight from a dark room, powerful, but quick to subside; suddenly, life has new meaning. On every second of inspiration 30 minutes of deep thought or meditation. The mind must construct the backbone for what the spirit creates.

There are a great many details buried in most profound objects, but is finding them all distraction? Escapism even?

Does this apply to other things, like love? I hope not. I am always striving for the eternal, but the eternal is rest, while the cycling, fleeting nature of life requires action, which I well know and perform. Still, I feel that some things should remain. This is a terrible conflict and one that I can not resolve after much root seeking, I know the nature of much of man,(ever striving for something new) and yet I know the nature of myself which does not always seek the same and is more than ever searching for permanence. There is a compromise to be had surely, though it is hard to come to grips with. High society strives against nature in some ways yet some of man's nature is the idea of society itself.

Re: The boredom
May 11, 2014, 12:04:27 PM
Boredom is a bizarre state. How can humans bore themselves to death when they are in a world so full of mysteries? Maybe the tendency one has to become bored is an indicator of their own nature. A shortage of sensibility or a pathologic inflation of the rational mind can lead to chronic boredom.

There is more art in living, than in all the rest. When there is nothing to do, why not remain still, and patiently wait for the moment when there is something to do? Humans are always seeking something they do not need. Unrestfulness, agitation and a neurotic obsession with being occupied. Multiply this process by seven billion and you got to live in the wonders of the...well, most boring civilization of all.

The effort to escape boredom, only augments it. When life is lived in its fullness there is no room for boredom, because it will be repleted with everything natural: challenges, struggles and a powerful will to overcome them all.

The ease of modern living gives a palid tone to life. When seen from this perspective, life is a deformed beast. It is bland, boring, superficial, annoying and disposable. But, where is possible to live, is possible to live well.

If you recreate life, in its natural fullness, maybe, boredom will be forever gone.