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If you don't like Ulver, you are an elitist douchebag

Enjoy the cringe comedy:

Person A: Bunch of fucking retard faggots. I really, really hate fucktards like this. All of them not only give metal a bad name, but humanity a bad name as well. These inbred shitheads need to stay the fuck away from black metal, as far away as they can. Fuck them all.

Person B: Black metal is safe from brocore. Deathcore is encroaching on Death metal more than it is on black metal, as some claim that it is death metal.

The threat to black metal comes from post black metal, since people often claim that that is black metal.

Person A: But I actually like a lot of post-black metal. There are very many similar elements in post-rock as there are in atmospheric black metal. I think the two are a natural fit.

Person B: Like what you like, but it's not black metal any more than metal with symphonic backing is classical music.

Person A: Well, aren't you the expert on what is tr00 and kvlt. I didn't say it was black metal, I said they had a lot of similar elements. Black metal has always been atmospheric, with a "foggy" and mysterious sound to it. The dark ambient and post-black stuff just expands on that.

Person B: I didn't say that you said that. You are missing my point.
The point is that some people call it  black metal, and therefore, the definition of black metal is threatened to be changed, to lose its meaning.

I also never mentioned cultism or trueness, I am only being accurate in my categorization of music based on innate traits.
Black metal is no more post black metal than post black metal is black metal.

Person A: So just call it post-black metal and quit defending black metal like you own it or something. People can do whatever they want with it.

Person B: People should not call genre A by the name of genre B, because then, names lose their meanings.
That is what some people are doing, and that is what I am against.

Person A: How about fuck labels and just enjoy what music you like?

Person B: Enjoying the music that I like, without caring about which genre it is, is exactly what I do.

But I have a brain and can't help but notice similarities and differences between different kinds of music.

Based on these similarities and differences, the genres are named, for the same reason that anything is named.

"I ate some food today"
"What did you eat?"
"Oh, you know, good food"
"Yeah, but what kind? Was it a stake? Vegetarian? a pancake?"
"Fuck off, man, food is food! Just eat what you like!"

Person A: Very poor analogy. You're obviously a child who was raped by your father.

Person B: Why is the analogy poor?
When trying to describe music, names and genres are useful, just like when describing anything else.

Person A: Yeah, but to stick to them so rigidly is dickish. Genres overlap all the time. Artists have influences from many genres. Black metal will still be black metal even if people call post-black metal black metal. I can't believe how many times I just typed black metal...

Person B: Not if it happens enough. Then, the definition of black metal will change to include post black metal.

Person A: It already has. Deal with it. Just curious, what BM artists do you like?

Person B: No, it's still contested. Some people define, for example, Deafheaven, as black metal. Others do not.

I'm not an expert on the genre with extensive knowledge, but from what I have heard, I like
Darkthrone, Enslaved, Burzum, Kvist, and Mayhem.
I also like some other metal which has a few elements of black metal without being black metal.

Person A: What do you think of Ulver's earlier stuff? Or newer artists like Lustre or Elderwind?

Person B: I haven't heard Ulver

Person A: I recommend their first album "Bergtatt" which is here on youtube. It has elements of folk and black metal.

Person B: I don't like it. I either I fail to see it properly, or  I correctly interpret things that I don't like.

I don't sense any expression of valour, courage, or retribution. There is no ruthless and unapologetic decisiveness, the kind of mentality that drives one to aggressively pursue the realization of his deepest, most fundamental, values.

There is a little bit of solitude in nature, which I like, but no invigorating awe in the face of natural forces like storms, but rather something overly sentimental, approaching, but perhaps not reaching, bitterness or self pity.

In some parts, it does manage to maintain a decent atmosphere of wonder and appreciation for nature, but it's kind of like a McDonalds version of it instead of the more powerful expressions of this that are possible.

I prefer The Mantle by Agalloch over this. That has two or so pieces on it that I mostly like.
The Mantle also seems more structurally sophisticated, elegant, and interesting to me.
This album, I could have composed myself.

Person B: Anyway, if you tell me what you sense from the music, and what you like about it, I will read it with interest.

Person A: Well, okay, you're an elitist douchebag, I can see that now.

Person B: I explained why I didn't like the music. That doesn't make me a douche bag. I gave the music some time and effort, but it wasn't for me. I also gave time and effort in to explaining why I don't like it, instead of just saying "this blows".

I was interested in why you do like it, but I can see that your personality is a little butthurt and pathetic, so I'll just leave you.

Person A: LOL! Faggot.

This was a real conversation, by the way