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There is no reason to listen to Ulver or Agalloch when Summoning exists

There are similarities between Summoning, Ulver, and Agalloch.
All three have (fewer or more) elements of black metal. All three's tales take place in environments like the depths of a forest, or atop the heights of mountains.

But there are also differences, some of which make Summoning a superior metal band.
Ulver is passive and docile in the presence of magnificent nature. Summoning is invigorated in its presence.
Agalloch has a woe is me attitude and dwells on petty issues with a small minded, egocentric view, giving the impression that the imagery of desolate winter is merely used as a metaphor for an individual's state of mind.
Summoning sees humanity as a part of the greater nature, and thus, avoids that view in favour of a grander one.

My advice to like minded people: Listen to Summoning. Don't waste too much time and effort on Agalloch. Don't make the mistake I did.

Yeah, Summoning's great!

Listen to Dol Guldur.

That's a good way of putting it, voddy. Summing is on a whole other level than most bands in more than one respect.
(Hi aquarius, nice to see you here again!)  :)