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Orationem - Not Live in Central Illinois (YouTube)

Orationem (pronounced Oh-Ray-Shun-Em) is Latin for the word "prayer", specifically referring to spoken prayer. This is a black metal project from the United States that has a very traditional "mid-90s" black metal sound and performance. The music ranges from extremely fast to mid pace, with very emotional melodies. The lyrics focus entirely on prayers to the Almighty God in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ.

"Not Live in Central Illinois A Night of Black Metal for Christ" is a special 62 minute recording featuring 10 songs from the first 2 full length Orationem studio albums, presented in a live show manner!  Formerly a purchasable digital download, it is now available for free streaming on YouTube!


Death to all jewish desert religions

On a more positive note, I enjoy the comedy of Christians still stealing heathen customs and turning them in to Christian variants like it's the dark ages.

Feels good to go against the grain and rebel against the same old tired black metal themes, not to mention, there's a decent demand for releases like this.  I'm far from the first or last to play black metal that's holy and spiritual in nature.

The Official Orationem YouTube Channel now has lyric videos for all tracks from the debut "Self Titled" and "Fulfiller, Sustainer, Preserving Protector" albums.  There are also Black Metal Prayer sessions that feature 4 panels showing all parts played for unique/remixed Orationem tracks.  Here is the first session:

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