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TAPHOS NOMOS / URđUN - RIP - Out On Tape Now

TAPHOS NOMOS / URđUN - RIP - Out On Tape Now
March 28, 2017, 06:49:45 PM

Support: http://caligarirecords.storenvy.com/

Listen: https://caligarirecords.bandcamp.com/album/rip

8-track split between Pittsburgh's death doom merchants Taphos Nomos and Iceland's Urđun.

Behold. Evidence of a vile collusion between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s doom-death eidolons, Taphos Nomos, and Akureyri, Iceland’s most malign murkslingers, Urđun. Eight tracks of brain-liquefying horror, with Taphos Nomos offering up three brand new songs of vulgar schadenfreude praising humanity’s ever-nearing extinction, and Urđun anteing up with four new tracks of their own warped minds’ devising, plus an Autopsy cover. Deemed R.I.P. (Rarely Investigated Phenomena by Taphos Nomos & Rigorously Intensified Putrefaction by Urđun), this split proves that even over a quarter of a century later, death metal—at least in the gorey hands of these two young bands—is as putrid, harmful, and dead-alive as ever.