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How do you deal with "normals"?

Re: How do you deal with "normals"?
October 30, 2007, 02:48:29 PM
someone mentioned how they were the "normal" one. id like to point out some good wit, as well as the fact that there is truth in that statement.

i find that i have a low tolerance for anyone who asks too many questions, is stubborn, assumes too much, or who will not listen to 2 sides of an argument before judging.

but "dealing" in what context? when they inquire of my religious beliefs? musical preference? political standing? interests? when they question my appearance, or why i choose to act in the way that i do? im not sure what to answer.

on the whole, and in general situations, i find that i humor them. many of my friends are intelligent and good mannered people, who have a decent head on their shoulders. id like to think that i surround myself with people who are like myself. (not EXACTLY like me, but with similar qualities i have listed and that i have)