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User reviews

Re: User reviews
April 12, 2008, 06:31:56 AM
Nile577 sez:

Gore - Hart Gore

Very primitive Speed Metal & (arguably) Proto Death Metal Motorhead type stuff. There are no vocals, although lyrics appear on an inlay, created by the band as an attempt to give their instrumental songs a macabre feel.

I recently found this album again after having lost it for many years. It's not as old as I remembered it. It would be a stretch to class this as Death Metal, though in small places it threatens semi-Celtic Frost moments. Indeed, it is quite obsolete in importance when you consider what else was available in 1986. Anyhow, here it is for the curious. It really is quite a strange listen.

Gore soundfiles

Re: User reviews
April 14, 2008, 06:17:18 AM
Maleficarum - Across the Heavens

The first (and until recently, I thought the only) album from this not oft-cited technical Italian outfit.  Contains both American and European DM sensibilities and varied songwriting which makes for a rather unique approach, possibly something like BRUTALITY and MONSTROSITY with more atmosphere.  Not perfectly put together but sometimes charming in its faults.  This was most certainly lost somewhere in the morass of death metal circa 1995. - kontinual

Classic example of a good band badly hampered by poor distribution, hailing from outside a name brand scene and really, really bad packaging.

I've always had a soft spot for this band, even though the music comes apart a the seams from time to time.  There's a sincerity of effort at work, as well as some genuinely interesting ideas, that makes them worth spinning on occasion. - Planetary Eulogy

Maleficarum MP3s

Re: User reviews
April 14, 2008, 06:17:53 AM
Ashtorath - Darkstorm Entwined
Thanks to Alexis.

Mp3s here.

Unheard of and celebrated only by underground dark ambient fans, Ashtorath is a unique ambient project coming out of Canada. While most ambient artists, at the time this album was recorded, used synthesizers and various technical editing to achieve an ambiental atmosphere, Ashtorath focused on physical instrumentation and thereby actively engaged with the music itself to form a coherent listening experience.  With delicate and noble emotion, Ashtorath set out to form a concept of classical music meeting metal.

Ethereal and magical is the atmosphere found in these dark and romantic pieces that explore the romanticist side of life. Hanging ambiental key tones flow between high and low points, switching from far away to close distance, serving as leading melodies to inflict an emotional mood upon its own basic structure. The rasping sound of a nail shaking a guitar string with ease fill the sometimes wondrous void, as a communicator of magical worlds and immersive myths and legends.

Because this is what Ashtorath is a master at; creating magical moods and the ability to set the listener into a distant world where time is an illusion and romanticism is reality. The beauty stems, not only from the harmonies between ambient and metal, but also from the spirit of classical music that arises within each piece. The collaboration between the distant, fading sounds of guitar strings, blowing wind and soft church bells define each moment as special and unique, drenched in darkness.

If one could use the word "art", one would apply it to "Darkstorm Entwined", and that rightly so. The influences from classical music is at most times benevolent and real, and gives the music a clear vision of what it tries to present. Lively but ambiguous, this music works at both an emotional and philosophical level; there are no restrictions regarding the expression of the music itself, only endless possibilities.

The new guitar techiques found on "Darkstorm Entwined" were, at the time of the creation of this album, new and inspiring for numerous underground ambient and metal projects to come. As felt and heard when the finger rides on a string after a note within a larger melody is being played, these techniques are used to the advantage of the artist and turned into melodies themselves, voices of birds from afar.

The sound of icicles meeting, thunderstorms roaring and strings played upon by a creature unhuman, unknown, are but few of the ways in which Ashtorath keeps the overall mood going. This gothic monument is as ethereal as it is enchanting and moving; there is no lack of emotion and dedication to art in this album. Competent, but not the least, true to itself and its creation, the words trying to express the poetry found within each statement are mere attempts to reach the height of abstraction felt and lived by the music and creator. When day turns to night and time passes, there will be nothing left but the echoes of a dimension beyond this one, upholding experiences that transcend physical reality.