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INCANTATION 'Onward to Golgotha' Concert

INCANTATION 'Onward to Golgotha' Concert
June 10, 2008, 03:39:49 PM
INCANTATION will be doing a special set for the Central Illinois Metal Fest, set to take place July 18-20 at the Canopy Club in Urbana, Illinois.

John McEntee, Incantation's guitarist, explains: "We are going to do for the first time ever the 'Onward to Golgotha' album live in its entirety. Just to make it clear we are not planing on doing any tours with this set. It is just a special set we are doing for this event only. We are doing many other shows throughout the year but all with either include a set from out first 3 albums (including Craig on Vocals) or a set of songs from out full discography (with me on vocals). So the bottom line is if you want to see us play the entire 'Onward to Golgotha' album live (with Craig on vocals) this will be your one time to do so. We look forward to playing the CIM this year the line-up is great and I'm sure it will be a kick ass time."

INCANTATION's CIM 2008 lineup is:
Craig Pillard - Vocals
John McEntree - Guitar
Chuck Sherwood - Bass
Alex Bouks - Guitar
Jim Roe – Drums


Holy shit.  I had seen mention of this fest previously with some interest but forgot about it...I'll have to reconsider.


More classic bands should be doing stuff like this. Reminds me of when Slayer played the entirety of Reign In Blood.


Anyone from northern Illinois willing to carpool?

More classic bands should be doing stuff like this. Reminds me of when Slayer played the entirety of Reign In Blood.

The impression I got at the show I attended was Slayer reaching out more to the Hot Topic crowd than to people who appreciated that era of the band on a level beyond simply bragging about listening to that type of music, as if doing so were some sort of accomplishment.

Nevertheless, I would definitely back a trend of some of metal's finest touring on classic material.  Based on the success of throwback Atheist, Morbid Angel and Cynic tours coupled with the persistent outcries for classic material at just about any metal show, I'm guessing a leg or two devoted entirely to a classic release would draw impressive crowds if the right bands (too many to list) announced the event early enough.  There would be a trampling of artistic egos in this course of events, but a band going out with its best material seems most fitting for its own legacy and for the future of metal in a number of cases: why not re-introduce a challenge while going out on a high note, as opposed to releasing album after album of crap?

Anyway, Iíll definitely consider driving to this show if anyone from the upper mid-west (MN, WI, SD, ND, IA, Canada, at your own risk) is interested.  I can think of at least three options that wouldn't be terribly expensive, so PM me if you're interested and I'll sort the details out (sorry for the late notice if that's an issue).