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BLODARV interview juli 08

BLODARV interview juli 08
July 03, 2008, 08:20:40 AM
NEW BLODARV interview juli 08
Category: Music

BLODARV has been chosen as Band of the month (Juli08)in American Metal Webzine NOCTURNAL EUPHONY...Each month, NOCTURNAL EUPHONY chooses a band to feature as –BAND OF THE MONTH- On their site. This includes reviews, interview + more. ..Go tjek out the site and the new BLODARV interview, reviews etc on www.nocturnaleuphony.com
if you are just interested in the interview, you can also read it here :


I am talking to Hugin, the mastermind and creator of Danish Black Metal band BLODARV. So BLODARV was originally only you is that correct?

thats correct, I started BLODARV because I wanted a 110 percent personal band to speak my thoughts through and practice my art in.
Through the years in my other bands, I worked side-running with BLODARV material. I started writing lyrics for BLODARV in 1995 and
In 1999 there was enough stuff (and more) for the "murder in the name of Satan" demo witch was released the same year on my own small self-financed label "hugin Productions"

2. Going back to 1999, this is when the 1st BLODARV recordings were created. Tell us about this early demo.

It was a strange year, I finally had the possibility to complete many years of thoughts and music into 1. piece of art. BLODARV.
I went totally inside myself, bought a drum-machine, so I could isolate myself with the music, and bring all my ideas to live without having to compromise with anyone. not even the drums (drums are the only instrument I don't play) and from there I started recording my material. Later on I learned that the drum-machine couldn't bring the drums to the place I wanted, but still I preferred to work alone, that's also why the first early releases has programmed drums ( it wasn't the ultimate best drums on those releases but at least I had no discussions with the drum machine hehe) in the process of this first demo-CD, I used many different influences since these elements were important to express the thoughts, ideas and visions of BLODARV through the music. Later on I learned to boil things down to a thicker more concentrated sharp energy.

3. On the next demo release "Mysteriis" The poetry and lyrics reflect a great deal of work on your part. Tell us about the writing and recording of this demo.

Well, actually there was no break between creating "Murder.." and "mysteriis" at all. It was one long process, as it always is with BLODARV.
But it was extra-ordinary with this release though.
As I used almost a year on it before I was 110% satisfied with it.
In that year I recorded 14 tracks and in the final mix I cut out 5 tracks that I wasn't 110 percent satisfied with. I took the time I needed to complete it, both lyric, and music-wise, and I didn't want to force the writing process forward and end up with empty lyrics, so yes I used about 1.Year on the lyrics also.

I could go more into details, but as the quite long process of "Mysteriis" is also mentioned in our Bio, I will not go deeper into details here.

4. Following "Mysteriis" we see the split CD with Baalberith from Australia. How did you feel about sharing your work on the same release with another band?

Actually it was with mixed feelings. But in the end with this particular release I ended up being okay with it. I knew that there wouldn't be space in the cover for lyrics, and that was actually more on my concern, as the lyrics is at least just as important as the music, but once I settled my mind and accepted in my head that this would never be a release that could represent the depths of BLODARV to the full, but only give an eye-opener to the music, I just had to settle in my mind with it, and just take it for what it was.. a Split CD.
As for making it with Baalberith, as the other band on the split-CD that fitted me just fine.

5. In 2002 the Blodarv line-up begins to grow, with the addition of Huul, and Isaz. What were your feelings while playing that 1st concert?

Yeah ISAZ joined in, under the making of the "Beyond life" EP, and later on followed the companionship of HUUL on Bass, then I tried to involve 2 session-musicians, so that we could take BLODARV on the road with Live-shows, but it failed, as we never got to relay with the session-members (that were only there for live-shows) we played 1. Rehearsel-gig and thenthe thought of BLODARV as a full-member band was dropped again for some years. But After a few years the thought started to grow in my mind again, and it took some time, because I didn't want to make the same mistake again, so as long as I couldn't find the right souls for BLODARV, I wasn't taking anyone in (live or not) but after finding the right souls, finally in 2007 BLODARV had a full line up and were ready for playing live (again). That is the line-up we are running with as we speak,and I am very satisfied with it, finally I feel we can take one step further with BLODARV, now that we have the opportunity to spread our demons and the universe of BLODARV on stage also. Everyone in the band is really laying a lot of power and effort In it, so I am very glad BLODARV finally got such a good line-up.

As for the feelings of playing the first gig with the new complete line-up, it felled great finally to spread our Demons on stage!

6. The latest record is the final part of the life of "Linaria Amlech" What did it mean to you to write this last album?

It meant everything to me to make this album. It was a process I couldn't have lived without,(as it always is with my releases) it was my way to get through the things that happened, and it was also a fulfilling of a pact between me and Linaria..
Linaria wanted 2. Things really much.. one of those was to haunt the world eternally after her death. And through my Album (and in many other ways)she now does. I owed her that much I feel.

7. Black Metal is obviously a style that is not meant for everyone. However the Black Metal community has grown vastly since the early 1990's. We see Black Metal bands from every corner of the globe. How would you explain this massive expansion?

Hehe, Very easy Jason.. The Medias, and their coverage of the church-burnings in the early 90's, was the first step. This brought a lot of attention to the Bands, and the music was discovered by people who probably would never had heard about it if it wasn't for the arsons, and the media focusing so much on the satanic message spread over Europe.

Second step came soon after when BlackMetal quite fast attracted many people (With "Attracted" underlined) and suddenly everyone was self-claimed satanists, even people who never liked metal to begin with started bands and that filled the scene with easy-listening empty music and empty lyrics brought to the world in the name of "blackmetal", from their empty, hollow minds. Of cause there were also great bands rising in this period, but in the chaos of blackmetal becoming trendy in the underground as it did, it became impossible to many to divide wolfs from sheeps..

Third step was when every kid all over Europe and beyond that owned a guitar, started to "play BlackMetal" and be "really evil" and whorship Satan for a year or two, just to leave again when another thing turned trendy. these bands attracts fans just like them (hollow and empty)that makes new bands, that gets new fans that creates new bands, and so the circle continues.

Today the word Blackmetal has lost its meaning, everyone uses it.
Back then you didn't label your art as BlackMetal unless it was blackmetal!
Back then it wasn't fancy, and we were Hated for our satanic views and simple music-style, by most other metal-genres. Back then no-one seemed to understand it, but the same people who couldn't relay to our satanic music back then, seems to play in so called "Blackmetal" bands today and have suddenly been satanists all their life.. Well I better stop here before I get to pissed bro' haha

8. In your opinion, how has Black Metal changed since you first became involved?

Hehe My answer above partly answer this I think, it can not be explained in few words, because the change from then and now is too big , but if I should lay it down in few words it would be : Too much!

9. We are seeing a great deal of symphonic sounds added to Black Metal. Do you feel this is a positive addition to the sound?

Not a simple question, cause I think this issue cant be defined in black & white answers.. but if I should and in generally..then No.
You see it all depends on the reason for doing it and the creating process of the music.
I don't like it when music is just defined on the sound. I believe music is much more than a sound, it is emotions, energies, powers, poetry and so much more. And why do i say this crap?.. Because I believe that much of this so-called "Symphonic sound" the new bands run with has just been added as "Sound" probably naturally to them, and it makes the music more easy-listening, and they want it like that, because its that type of music they like.. I think among many there are 2. Different types of listeners to BlackMetal, 1. is there for the music & 1. is there for more.. I like music that has soul and power and are filled with energies and emotions.. Symphonic sound can be good, and symphnic sound can be bad.. It depends on the creator of it. there is also only 2.types of music in my opinion when you boil it down.. good and bad music.

The essence of BlackMetal is not easy to find in many of these new symphonic blackmetal bands, but hell its not there to find in many of the so-called raw/true "BlackMetal" bands either. and I guess its just a fact of that We are so far from the early 90's visions, and what was started then is so far from what is happening now, and that the development that happened back then, did that this could not have been avoided, and that I am probably just an old bastard who have seen and heard to much crap through the years since it all started...so I will stop the answer here.

10. Tell us what Black Metal and most importantly Blodarv means to you personally. Everything my friend.

11. What is the next big goal for Blodarv?

There are hundreds of goals to reach before a big goal is in hand I think. I don't use the word "big goal" lightly But it depends on what is in the word "Next big goal" ..I have new goals for BLODARV every day, every year, every century. Find more likeminded souls, more releases, new stories, new and even stronger music and so on But BLODARV is a part of an eternal creating circle, and we will just have to see what the future brings wont we.. I have my personal goals in life of course.. but they are mine to keep for now.

12. Where can fans get Blodarv merchandise?
First before I spend time on doing furthermore P.R for BLODARV, I would like to use some lines in this interview if its okay, on giving my Darkest Hail to all our supporters and alied in the universe of BLODARV. thanks for coming to our gigs, buying our releases and merchandise, and supporting us as good as you do! Without you souls out there, it would feel like speaking down in the void of a black hole. All my respect and deepest thought goes to you out there this moment! you all know who you are.
As for merch/releases its like this :

CDs & LPs: The latest 2. Releases "Soulcollector..the thousand years tale" & "Linaria Amlech" can be ordered from various shops/distros worldwide,( just google it) or simply order them from Northern Silence
"Linaria Amlech" can also be ordered from www.eisenwald-shop.de

SPLIT-CDs : The split CDs we did with BAALBERITH & SILVA NIGRA are also available from various distros and shops around the world, but I don't think theres many copies left though.

7" Eps : Our earliest Eps "Heksen" & "Beyond life" are mostly sold out everywhere but I know there is still a few copies left in Germany at MIRIQUIDI! So if you are really fast it can still be obtained from there( www.miriquidiproductions.com )

SHIRTS,PATCHES,PINS : Our earliest shirts ( as HEKSEN, SOULCOLLECTOR, Etc. are sold out by now, perhaps it will be re-printed one day.. We will see.
When that is said, we got a new shirt, a new patch and a new pin out within the next few months. They will be available when the upcoming album "Civitas Diaboli" is out (merchandise will be released same day)which is within very soon. We are finishing up on the recordings as we speak.
This album will be released in a regular CD-version, and a special Digipack-version. Both the new release, and all the merchandise will be available from Our label Eisenwald, and their shop : www.eisenwald-shop.de
Within soon.

Also the newest releases can always be bought directly from Me/BLODARV ( stafahugin@hotmail.com )
Alright I think that was it Jason, thanks for the interview,and the support by throwing us in your zine.. May the devil be with you now and forever more..

-hugin– juli 1. Anno 2008

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