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Distro Update. Worm Gear Zine. Baphometus Revelatum Radio!

02/08/09 Worm Gear/Bindrune Recordings Update!


Attention all overseas customers!! Order over $100 of merch and get your postage for free!!


Abstract Spirit (Rus) - Liquid Dimensions Change CD (Doom-Metal.RU/Solitude Prod.)
Ataraxie (Fra) - Anhedonie CD (Weird Truth Productions)
Crucified Mortals (US) - Converted by Decapitation CD (Weird Truth Productions) Reissue!
Darktrance (Ukr) - Ghosts in the Shells CD (BadMoonMan Music)
Dead Congregation (Gre) - Purifying Consecrated Ground MCD (Enucleation)
Deadly Spawn (Jap) - From Beyond the Dark CD (Bloodbath Records/Weird Truth)
Father Befouled (US) - Profano Ad Regnum CD (Enucleation)
Heavy Lord (Neth) - Chained to the World CD (Doom-Metal.RU/Solitude Prod.)
Nenavist (Bul) - Nenavist CD (Wraith Productions)
Runemagick (Swe) - Voyage to Desolation/Dawn of the End CD (Enucleation)
Sapthuran (US) - The Wanderer CD (Wraith Productions)
Somnolent (Ukr) - Monochromes Philosophy CD (Doom-Metal.RU/Solitude Prod)
Wolfshade (Fra) - Trouble CD (Wraith Productions)
Worship (Ger) - Last CD Before Doomsday CD (Weird Truth Productions) Reissue!


Coffins (Jap) / The Arm and Sword of a Bastard God (US) - Split 12" LP (Enucleation Records)


Hundreds of underground titles are in stock and ready to ship!! Still no postage fees to US customers!




New reviews and commentary added the last 2 weeks. New interviews are coming soon! There are no set times for updates, but we are trying to do so on a weekly basis. So stop by, read up and feel free to comment/participate!



Baphometus Revelatum Radio!

This isnít a Bindrune or Worm Gear run net radio station, but they have been pouring a lot of support our way with plugs and spinning Bindrune titles on a regular basis.

Featured as a media outlet for the Brotherhood of Satan, Baphometus Revelatum Radio is based out of Northern Michigan (Marquette) and is mainly an underground metal station that features the death, black and doom metal genres along with other interesting avenues of music traveling along the left hand path. Mainly up and streaming on the weekends, this up and coming station is trying to get their programming to mirror an actual radio station with DJís and commentary. Definitely a great listening experience. Itís currently in the embryonic stages, but plans on growing and expanding their programming as they go. Hail! Support!