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Romanticism: opposed to science?

Re: Romanticism: opposed to science?
August 16, 2009, 02:36:38 PM
It seems to me that humans evolved through technology, and it's our resource just like lions have claws 'n' jaws.

We are the technology monkeys. We cannot change that.

What we can do is what Kraftwerk recommended: join man and machine in a reverent, responsible, renewable way.

Perfectly stated.

Humans have thrived on technology.  Those clubs and simple spears we used to attack and defend ourselves from predators?  Technology.  The harnessing of fire?  Technology.  Primitive huts?  Technology.  And on and on. 

Our intelligence is one of our greatest assets, and it allows us to exploit technology in a responsible manner.  A healthy, noble society would never abandon or deride science, nor would it lose sight of man as a living, breathing animal made of flesh, living within a bionetwork.

That may include pruning the human tree of (a) the obsolete intelligences and (b) the broken (idiots, perverts, criminals, etc).

A giant heap of bodies with a small group of proto-Uebermenschen standing next to it is love for nature.

This seems almost inevitable.  It also seems cruel, and it raises deep-seated fear and pity in most peopleóbut it is even crueler to allow our society to become oversaturated with destructive morons (who vote).