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Van Diemen's Land [ film ]

Van Diemen's Land [ film ]
September 17, 2009, 06:13:34 AM
A FILM about Tasmania's cannibal convict Alexander Pearce  has caused some audience members to vomit.

The Mercury reports Van Diemen's Land follows Pearce's 1822 escape from the penal settlement on Tasmania's Sarah Island with seven other convicts, and the brutal dispatch of his fellow escapees.

"The vomiting thing was a real surprise to me - we had two people vomit in New Zealand, and a couple of people have fainted during the first killing scene," he said.

"But it's nowhere near as intense as a lot of the cinema that's out there today because we did shy away from the gruesome stuff.

"What people find so gruesome about it is that it is approached as authentically as possible.

"So there are no blood splatters or any of that stuff that we're used to ... but when it becomes a reality, murder can be mundane and clumsy and ugly. And terrifying."


Reminds me of when Dead Ringers was screening. People were made really queasy by that film. This one sounds like a neat idea but probably not a great film, unless one is lifting footage for Youtube metal videos.