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Fully understanding metal

Re: Fully understanding metal
December 30, 2009, 10:59:15 AM
To help shed more light on what's feasible, just listen note by note and ask yourself what you notice. For metal, your basis of interpretation should revolve around "fast, mean, aggressive, hateful" sorts of moods and traits of thee music at hand. It's about as basic as basic gets, for observational analysis of course.

Take Absurd's "Asgardsrei" for example. Horrible sounding, very raw and primitive in a way, and minimalistic with that. When the solo comes in, it's always in a more advanced and new, constructive manner. It's totally different than the rest of the song, however it comes shortly and is then reduced to nothing, and returns back to its raw, minimally-active part before it. That can symbolize something new coming into a lawful and primitive society that sees it as something bad and chooses to destroy it or rid itself of. Your imagination is meant to be based off of it.