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Raised by wolves

Raised by wolves
April 18, 2010, 08:42:56 AM
In my family growing up, we always had a euphemism for kids whose parents didn't give enough of a damn to supervise, educate or nurture them: children raised by wolves.

School teachers too busy teaching the 'tards at the back of the room to focus on the bright but chaotic kid up front? Raised by wolves.

Kids aimlessly wandering the streets after school, don't want to go home or having no clue? Raised by wolves.

Finally, there were plenty of kids simply in evasion of their divorced parents, boring school, boring jobs, and corrupt authority figures. They ended up at the little park near the old water treatment plant, smoking filched cigarettes and planning crimes. Raised by wolves.

I see a number of people here who confuse "principle" and "principal" in spelling. They didn't tell you? "The word with 'pal' in it refers to your high school principal, who is going to be your best 'pal' if you don't stop smoking dope in the bathroom." If no one took the time to tell you about this, you were raised by wolves, or paid little attention in school.

Maybe ANUS should try to offer more guidance to smart kids raised by wolves....

Re: Raised by wolves
April 18, 2010, 09:05:09 AM
I'd just grab all of the children who'd been raised by wolves and throw them into a forest.  Surely that's a more natural habitat for them?

Re: Raised by wolves
April 18, 2010, 10:24:23 AM
License to bear and rear offspring anyone?