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Metal 2009

Re: Metal 2009
June 24, 2010, 12:15:10 PM
It's funny, 'cause I have a friend who is pretty receptive to good metal, but for whatever reason Engram didn't click w/ him.  I speculated that if he had been more familiar w/ the fact that Beherit released 2 ambient albums but also the unthinkably primitive Oath of Black Blood, my friend would be able to understand the brilliance of Engram better.  I agree that Engram can stand on it's own two feet, but I think it takes on even more when you look at it in the context of Beherit's entire body of work (although you could say that about a lot of great bands/albums).  I actually feel that Oath of Black Blood is the key to appreciating Engram even more, moreso than the ambient albums.  How familiar w/ OoBB are you?  It was a tough nut to crack for me, but it has certainly paid its dividends.  

I love Oath, but like I said, only after hearing Engram did I even pay any attention to it.

I guess I needed that slight extra bit of information that your friend did not have, but my perspective on the greatness on the new album was never on the band itself, but rather I saw it as a band, who I knew little about, who was around back when black metal was only two things (that being a primitive successor to speed metal and a romantic alternative to commercial death metal) returning and making something that captured all the spirit from that era.  That band's name that appeared on the album didn't mean much to me other than the praise they got here.  I should be ashamed not to have been into such a brilliant band earlier.

You know, the more I think about it, I realize that it was absolutely silly of me to characterize Engram's connections with the rest of the Beherit discography as a detriment!  If anything, it's an asset that reinvigorates all 4 other albums.  Engram didn't just make me excited about Engram it made me excited about BEHERIT.  I'm so fascinated by Laiho - that the same man could make all 5 of those albums blows my mind.  They're all their own entity but they all compliment each other as well.  When I speculate that Beherit could be the greatest metal act of all time, I did not intend it as hyperbole.