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Satanists as software developers

Satanists as software developers
June 07, 2010, 02:44:46 AM
"The Order of Nine Angles, are Open Source sinister software developers. We develop some programs for making human beings work better and in a more sinister way, we release the source code, and then we let people use and run with the software, and adapt it, change it, make it better. We also cooperate among ourselves and with other developers of our type of software to make it better."

Taken from a misc. ONA communique.

Thought it was an interesting way of looking at it, and of interest to the awesome transhumanist nihilnerds resident here.

Re: Satanists as software developers
June 07, 2010, 04:21:46 AM
the same Windows is of esoteric nature, satanic, the XP is simply the famous monogram of Christ or Christogram consists of the initial Greek letters X (chi) and P (rho) the name  of "Jesus Christ" , nothing new or surprising my friend. Nunc Potestas Satanae Vivet!