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Display Of Decay

Display Of Decay
June 14, 2010, 07:22:18 PM

Display Of Decay; toast with butter melting all over it. The toast is your girlfriend, and the butter is your...well...man juice. Thats right, this band is all about the super happy times with their girlfriends and your girlfriend. The band has been around for several eons, spanning from the medieval ages up until modern times for example. The members are obviously gods as they still are young (to the mortal man they are 20 years on average) and can shred and blast your way into oblivion. Out of the cosmos and stars the 5 members have sealed their fate in the death metal dynasty. They bring to you love, hate, war, destruction, and more importantly bunny rabbits. The sound is totally generic in the sense that for everytime you do not listen to Display Of Decay, we shower you with fecal matter and prematurely ejaculate into your ear.