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Re: Essential Naturalistic/Romanticist Literature

Cool.  I have just recently become interested in reading many of the old classics of literature - some for the first time and others once again.  It chanced that I came across a pamphlet from this college which features an impressive array of classic literature not only on religion, philosophy, and works of fiction but also fundamental scientific works (on such topics as physics, chemistry, calculus, etc).  It might take some weeding to find those of most relevance to this website, nonetheless it is an impressive array and I doubt anyone here would be disappointed by it.

Many famous works, including some mentioned previously in this thread, are available in the Harvard Classics collection.  You can read them online here, but I really want to buy the whole printed set for the purpose of not needing technology to view them.  I think it would be a better experience to go outside and read them or just in peace and quiet somewhere away from the inane ruckus of our modern world.  Anyway I purchased five of them tonight comprising Don Quixote, Aeneid, and miscellaneous essays to name a few.  Can't wait to dig in :)

Hermann Hesse:

The Steppenwolf

A compilation of William Blake's work should also be an essentrial

...and the rest of the Romantics: Keats, Wordsworth, Byron, et al.

Also fond of Sterne. Sentimental Journey is fantastic and I think the primary influence on Celinne.

Re: Essential Naturalistic/Romanticist Literature
September 23, 2006, 02:48:48 AM
Is there some reason you don't merge this thread with the basically identical other one? Waste of time to have two.

Re: Essential Naturalistic/Romanticist Literature
September 23, 2006, 02:57:50 AM
Yeah, computer reading sucks.

A 20-inch LCD screen will set you back about $300 these days.

Make your font size 24 point, and put a good 1.5" margin onthe sides, and double line space and everything will read really easily.

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