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DANISHMENDT- new album coming soon (noise & black doom metal from France)

Crushing Doom/Noisecore/Black Metal/[insert personal interpretation here] from France.

New album Un Passé Aride coming soon on Cold Void Emanations and Odio Sonoro.

8 tracks for 62 minutes of suffocating and unforgiving soundscapes. Recorded in July MMIX at "L'Empreinte" by Jérôme Paté, and mastered in May MMX by Benoît Courribet (http://www.cylens.net).

The album's opening track - titled "La Source" - can be heard on the myspace (myspace quality) or the webpage (optimal quality):

Cover artwork:

Digipack / 10 pages booklet
All artwork based on Yves marocchi's work: http://www.residues.net/

The album will be made available in high quality free download circa two weeks before its release (early September).

Check the newly updated webpage: http://www.danishmendt.com

The album can be streamed in its entirety at the band's webpage:


and :


Our record "Un passé aride" is now avaible :

To ignite thirst, through enthroning blackscapes and suffocating, hypnotic noise.
While such a description might seem nebulous, it depicts quite accurately the atmospheres created by the French ensemble. DANISHMENDT crafts ambiances like no other band, and if their scope can be reduced with a few words (such as Black Metal, Doom, Noise...), no genre seem to fit them, and they seem to fit none. Quite content about it, the five lurkers evolve between borders in a world of their own.
“Un Passé Aride” furthers their journey into obsidian fields and post-apocalyptic dull cities, through seven brooding and crushing episodes. “Un Passé Aride” evokes thirst, and a bleak horizon.

Still streaming: http://www.danishmendt.com/disco.html

Now availble as Digipak CD.

Contact for trades/orders/wholesale.