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DOC CUDD plays the anvil

DOC CUDD plays the anvil
September 29, 2010, 06:02:53 AM
Doc Cudd, of Barnardsville, master blacksmith at the Biltmore Estate, gave a unique performance, gently hammering on the solid steel anvil and evoking a lovely chimelike sound. He aimed to surprise his listeners. “They think it's going to be bonk, bonk, bonk,” Cudd said.

Rather than craft some recognizable tune, Cudd followed an ancient code created centuries ago by blacksmith masters instructing their strikers to make some tool. Cudd, who has been blacksmithing since age 10 and playing anvil since 15, said it's a rare art.

“My family has been (blacksmithing) for over 400 years,” he said. “There are only four of us in America who still play (anvil) that we know of.” It was his only scheduled fair performance.


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