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Scarificare Perpetual Decline CD


Scarificare Perpetual Decline CD
October 24, 2010, 09:50:19 AM
Scarificare, have just released their debut album, seven tracks of pure 90′ies Black Metal, the young band is composed by four Lusitanian Black Metal veterans; Crusher Vocals (Serpent Lore, Wrath (Prt)) Quetzalcoatl Guitars (Serpent Lore, Wrath (Prt), Gorgonian) Inverno Bass (Insalubre, Jazigo) Njord Drums (InThyFlesh,The Royal Blood, The Endgate, Unfleshed, Buried Alive (Prt), Lux Ferre, Ishkur, Damage My God), these four unholy souls have recorded and released by them self their debut, wich in our opinion is one of the best releases among others and it does reflects that the Lusitanian underground is starting to have a new and healthy direction towards the Evil and Extreme manifestation that Black Metal is now days! Frenteuropa Records is one of the official distributors for this release, the album is available for other mailorders by wholesale ONLY, and for single purchases at our E-SHOP.

Take a look at their MySpace for three tracks from the debut album and judge it by your self!


Track list:

Scarificare Perpetual Decline

I     Flame of the Underworld
II    Blood Eyed Serpent
III   The Sword
IV   Infinite Death
V    Carved Unto My Flesh
VI   Blood of Melancholy
VII  On Cold Reflections

Available from www.blackmetal-lusitania.com