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Why not genocide

Re: Why not genocide
October 13, 2010, 10:23:31 PM
"No, they're just giving their perception of reality. What actually happened, happened, and no amount of journalistic editing can change that. Winners of war write history because they eliminate or subdue the opposing faction. Two different ideas at work here"
true, but everytime people talk about reality they are always recycling "edited reality" from what they've read, seen on tv or heard from someone else.

Not necessarily. This may be true for those who are content with watching TV to get the news (which is a big mistake), but when one reads something or has a discussion with someone about certain events, there is room for perception and imagination, as opposed to it being spoon fed. Plus, what better way to experience reality than to go out and live life?

Re: Why not genocide
October 13, 2010, 10:29:06 PM
I agree.

Re: Why not genocide
October 13, 2010, 10:53:12 PM
"you sure do act like a fucking self-righteous asshole on a Cartesian/Buddhist/Khali-Hindu. "Good guess", huh?"
actually I'm agnostic and was raised in a christian family.

I am not opposed to violence or war by the way, sometimes it is necessary to achieve goals or defend yourself.
so you're sarcastic brunhilde, thats ok. sometimes I cant tell unless I hear it in someones voice.

"Reality is a POWER STRUGGLE."   that's true.
"And -I- am fucking fed up with it." I'm not, I'm just tired of my team losing all the time.

I enjoy these intellectual conversations, in my real non computer life I'm surrounded by idiots or people who are not interested in politics/philosophy.

Re: Why not genocide
October 14, 2010, 12:19:36 AM
"Saying that you are an Agnostic is fine, when you are speaking to people who are bothering you and you just want them to get the fuck out of your face in a kind and graceful way." no , i'm really agnostic. I believe all religions to be wrong but I do believe there was a creator. as far as me and nihilism, seeing everyones gusto about it here has sparked interest in me but I'm not sure what it is, if I agree with it, or if any of you know what it is with the seemingly never ending debate on it's definition around here. it seems every poster on here has a different definition of it.

""Reality is a POWER STRUGGLE."   that's true.   <-  How the hell do you even know that is its true? Reality is Pure Mathematics, at the "genotype level", broadly-speaking, if you will. "Phenotypes", also broadly-speaking, are nothing but a reflection of this." life is struggle. if 2 people were stranded on a desert island they would fight for dominance. it's human nature.

what I was refering to as my team always losing, is my people. white people who let themselves be treated as second class citizens in their own countries and let in masses of immigrants hellbent on taking over. I am tired of my team always losing.

", lets just live our hermit-like lives," I do have a small group of friends and I do get out of the house all the time but usually I'd rather be at home.
my friends just want to talk sports, cars, women etc. I've lost interest in sports and I'm not a car guy. I have been looking for a place to talk music and about other things (intellectual stuff), looks like I might have found both here.