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Re: Chastity
May 04, 2011, 03:32:52 AM
9. Make sure your spouseís values line up with your own. This one step can single handedly determine your level of happiness more than just about any other. Scary isnít it? If everything seems so right, yet he or she thinks credit should be used at will (and you donít) or thinks that home schooled kids are strange (and you want your children to be home schooled), you are setting yourself up for heartbreak. Work these things out before you say ďI do.Ē They say love is grand . . . and divorce is 50 grand. The lesson learned: talk to your spouse or potential spouse about what is important to you and the values you think should be taught to your children, even if you donít plan on having children.


I did draw some hate for point 6... that she should be a virgin. I said...

"The fewer sexual partners a woman has before marriage the higher her marital satisfaction and the sexual satisfaction she has within marriage. You very much want your wife to sexually imprint on sex with you and completely bond to you. The sex is just going to be that much better over the long term. Not to mention no other ex-lovers lurking on Facebook, sexual diseases, bad experiences and regrets to worry about. The harsh truth to the modern hook up girl is that yes indeed every time you sleep with another man, you damage your long term wife potential. Plus the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and highly promiscuous women before marriage are probably far more likely to cheat on you during marriage."

What I didn't know then was not just that I was right, but that I was right to a degree that I am still trying to grapple with. The effect of non-marital partners is not just a minor influence on marital outcomes, or even a moderate one as I had thought, it may in fact be one of the strongest influences there is.

I got put onto the CDC data and the Heritage Study of that same data at The Social Pathologist. Here's the mind blowing graph that should have you reaching for an adult beverage.


From my own experience: stay virginal. Keep your options open for marriage. No sex is actually all that great, and if you intend to be with someone at all over 30, they're going to talk about family... and you're going to have to leave if you flake out. So prepare for it! People breed like rodents, but the smarter rodents need to prevail.