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3/4 of original Gorgasm in new band called PESHMERGA

PESHMERGA ...  featuring 3 original Gorgasm members from "Stabwound Intercourse" line up.     
Tom Tangalos, Derek Hoffman and Russ Powell are back with 2 new members Bryan krikie and Tim Thompson.       
The debut cd is called " Murderous Acts Of Cruelty"         It will be released on Sevared Records in 3 weeks.
till then...         
sound samples and downloads are available from...

The song Hordes Of Assassins can be heard in its entirety at...   

Gorgasm were always technically competent panderers who made entirely derivative and empty collection of brutal and chaotic riffs. They were a direct spiritual successor to the paradoxical no-nonsense physical yet complete-nonsense spiritual approach to Death Metal typified by Cannibal Corpse.

So needless to say I am overjoyed by the formation of this band.

Why does a death metal band from France use the name of Kurdish guerrilla fighters?


Peshmerga or Peshmerge (Kurdish: PÍşmerge or پێشمه‌رگه ‌‌) is the term used by Kurds to refer to armed Kurdish fighters. Literally meaning "those who face death" (Pesh front + marg death)

Cool enough idea, but I don't know what it has to do with France.

This band makes no effort to define itself away from Gorgasm musically either. This is awful, but I am sure this won't be the last we hear of it. But I wonder if this kind of death metal still has a legitimate following though. I doubt many hardcore Gorgasm or Lividity fans from ten years ago still give a shit. Maybe I'm out of touch with the scope of the genre but it seems like Brutal DM has really declined in stature since 2006.

Gorgasm =    Chicago Illinois was formed in 1995.
Not to be confused with the band in France.  

They both eat dicks.

The welcoming committee has arrived.