Demilich compilation CD call for artifacts

demilich-nespitheIn a Google+ post, Demilich guitarist/vocalist Antti Boman both announces the arrival of a Demilich compilation CD on Svart Records, and calls for those with “artifacts” of the Demilich era to send them to him or end a link to where to download the material.

“The Demilich demo compilation CD and LP will be coming out in autumn. If you have old photos, flyers, or other Demilich memorabilia, good quality scans or originals will be gladly received,” Boman wrote, then added: “Thanks for the idea, dear brothers of Svart Records.”

For those who are joining death metal later in life, Demilich was one of the first death metal bands to break out of the fast and brutal and get into the weird and nuanced. Its style, featuring spidery lead rhythm playing slowly rotating to reveal a melodic core, influenced all that came after it.

While many in the early 1990s were slow to catch on to the value of technical death metal, perhaps fearing the wankery of the 00s that haunts us to this day and was dominant in “progressive” hardcore at the time, Demilich‘s return in 2006 brought huge crowds of maniacs to hail this unique and powerful band.

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8 thoughts on “Demilich compilation CD call for artifacts”

  1. That’s the problem… in the 20 years since this album was released, guys moved out of home, went to school, got girlfriends or wives, had kids, moved 25 times, and chucked out all the old stuff because they’ve moved on now. Metal is vanishing before our eyes.

    1. Tralf says:

      IIRC, Nespithe was under the radar back when it first came out and only gained popularity after word of its awesomeness spread online in the mid 00’s

      1. They were actually still in Necropolis Records ads from the 2000s, around the time Antaeus released CYFAWS in magazines. They were promoted in a Metal Maniacs magazine I got around the time Borivoj Krgin was reporting on Carcass releasing Heartwork, and Fear Emptiness Despair coming out with some of the working titles. They were even in a feature in a 2001 Metal Maniacs along with Demigod though, on that same issue I believe In Flames Clayman was voted the album of the year in a top 20 and was touted as the “best death metal” album in a long time.

  2. New Burzum track there. Can you guys review it?

      1. bitterman says:

        Doesn’t sound too far from Amorphis Elegy or Opeth. Maybe throw that in there on a what death metal is and isn’t article.

    1. Am I the only one who thinks black metal legends should not have YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, etc. accounts? Legends should exist in the forest, not typing on those show-me-your-tits platforms.

  3. Fucking cult! DEMILICH is the shit from the old days of death metal. The primordial era shall rule again!

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