Former DMU writer and Dawning mastermind Steven Cefala Harassed by Cult Victory Outreach

As you might have noticed, if you have been reading the comments in Brett’s latest tobacco review, Steve Cefala (Dawning, Pale Existence, Condemned to Live, Nothing Left, No God Only Pain) and his family members have been targeted by a cult named Victory Outreach. The police has been notified about these events.

It seems that cult members have been trying to get Steve to pay them more money, while isolating him and intimidating his family. He has also received anonymous threats and seems to be under the possibly correct suspicion that he is being stalked, due to a series of strange events and “coincidental” behaviors. According to his own words:

Victory Outreach members (in the leadership back room) had threatened physical violence against me for my past, threatened forced exorcisms of my brother (and mom additionally if I remember correctly), mentioned about possibly having to kill me for being a heretic, and also a black van from the church had parked across the street from our condo on Archer St. Salinas at times.

During certain sermons, their leadership had encouraged members to donate their house to the church. Most of the threats generally came from the strong arm of the church , which are the men’s homes, comprised of former ex-cons, drug addicts, and gang members.

Steve’s involvement with Victory Outreach has been due to a serious medical problem he faced. According to Steve, it appears that this church is trying to clear its past. I have tried to find the L. A. Times article that he recommended but it appears it got erased. However, there are personal accounts of people who joined on many websites, including this one where cult survivors share their experiences. See some of those below:

“I was a part of the Victory Outreach church based in London, England for five years during the 90s. I am not a minister, but simply a believer who wants to see the truth become clear. People I know and care about understand that fine line of spiritual abuse that runs through the ministry of Victory Outreach International.

Within 3 months I was leader on a worship team. I also joined in on leaders meetings. At one of these meetings, the pastor made this point, which really shocked me, he said, “We are not here to become friends, but we are here to fulfill the vision.” The word “vision” was to become a key word in my time there along with words like “sacrifice,” “obedience,” “rebellion” and “Pastor Sonny.”

But what I came to expect was that the congregation was there to serve the pastor and the leaders. When I first joined Victory Outreach I shared with the pastor what I felt God’s calling was for me. His answer shocked me, he said, “The best way to fulfill the call/vision that God had placed on my life, was to lay it down and serve someone else’s vision (e.g. Sonny’s).” By doing this I was told, “This was sacrifice, and only in sacrifice can God bless my call/vision.” Sadly I believed this.

Just by this verse of scripture it seems pretty evident that a good shepherd willingly “lays his life down.” This is certainly far from the “shepherds” who serve the vision of Victory Outreach. The sheep in Victory Outreach is to lay their lives down for their pastor, who in turn is laying his life down for the “bigger Vision.” The “vision” whatever that may be, “United We Can,” “Vision 2000” or any other dream or vision that Sonny has had from God, will always have priority.

I would like to ask Sonny a question here about vision 2000.

Why, if this vision was from God, (i.e. to have 1,000 churches by the year 2000) did this not come true? How much money was put into promoting this vision, printing T-shirts, baseball caps, diaries, banners etc. etc? And did the people who sacrificially gave, get their money back? As far as I know Victory Outreach today does not have 1,000 churches and it is now 2001. But they have got another vision. Did God get it wrong and change His mind? Or did Sonny not hear from Him in the first place?”

“Those that have left the church, including someone i work with have experienced threats, alienation, economic harassment, and malicious litigation by the church.”

“I say “escaped” because these guys weren’t going to let me leave, wouldn’t let me use the phone, and were gathering around me to “knock the devil out.”

When I got out the door my life was still in jeopardy because I was smack dab in the middle of the San Antonio ghetto.

We were fed beans and rice with moldy bread three times a day, that is on the days that we ate three times a day. The kitchen was infested with roaches and scum litter ally ripped from the ceiling.”

“Breakfast: After Morning Prayer, they sing and eat breakfast. That is, IF that day hasn’t been declared a “day of fasting”. The last week I was there, they fasted four days out of seven, which made me physically weak.

Daily work: After breakfast: about half of the men in my home went to an amusement park where they worked concession booths. The men see none of the money, of course, and they are also not served lunch. This is considered to be a “sacrifice to the Lord”.

Dinner: After the work day is finished, usually ten to twelve hours, the men return home to pray for an hour and then eat dinner.

Evening work: Evening work: After dinner, [we were] … told to “hit the streets”–this usually meant selling tickets to upcoming Victory Outreach fundraising events. The last week I was there, they were planning a Christian rap concert featuring “Preachers in the Hood”. We were out until two in the morning, on an average, returning home and sleeping until 5 AM and then our day began again.”

“I’m sure the place collects several hundred dollars a day for the labors of 10 or 15 guys out slaving but none of that money found its way into the food pantry, however, the director wore some pretty nice gold jewelry and drove a nice car.

The word recovering or recovery was taboo, delivered was the word used instead.

The many guys that had been in and out of there numerous times believed each time that the devil had got ’em and once again, back at VO, they were delivered, then were taken to pray with a shovel in their hands.

I have not been delivered, I’ve been clean and sober for two weeks now and seeking a treatment program to help me with my recovery. I do believe in God and thank him for getting me out of Victory Outreach, and I pray that others will snap out of the trance and get some recovery as well.”

There are criticisms of this church all over the internet. Comments have claimed that the next Heaven’s Gate will be related to Victory Outreach. Although it seems that their forceful methods are effective into getting people to quit drugs, one must consider the purpose behind such persistence. This purpose is no other than lust for power. And the fact the church gathers people from a rough background to prevent them from indulging in substances or articles is irrelevant if their purpose is to oppress others. Cults will continue to multiply as the West continues its headlong dive into ignorance, narcissism and stupidity.

We here at DMU, condemn the brain carcinogens and herd mentalities that lurk inside such cults, their subjugation of individual expression and the problems that cause in our communities. If you are addicted to drugs seek medical help, not spiritual hocus-pocus. If you seek spiritual experiences the internet is rife with manuals and knowledge to do so and carve your own path. If you seek solace and a sense of belonging (which is perfectly normal, especially when life comes crushing down), join one of the big religions (I believe Orthodoxy to be a safe choice, I am sure people who weren’t altar boys can say the same for their own denominations) or join the army – which, if you do not suffer from a serious condition, might solve the problems that made you want to join a cult anyway.

Say no to cults! Say yes to freedom! Hail Dawning!

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Rebel against the church
Drink from the chalice of Blasphemy
Rise up against the deceiver

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18 thoughts on “Former DMU writer and Dawning mastermind Steven Cefala Harassed by Cult Victory Outreach”

  1. only aum shinrikyo is real says:

    just some zombies tryna get some brains

    but really how does a metal musician get involved in some gay xtian cult? and not even an edgy white power or doomsday cult?

    1. Make Jonestown Great Again says:

      At leadt it wasn’t Jehovah’s Witnesses. Now who drank all the Kool Aid?

      1. tru crime poseur detected says:

        Jones served flavorade, not kool-ade

    2. Of all the stupid cults to join, the white power/white supremacist/white nationalism/neo-Nazi cults are the fucking dumbest. They consist of life dropouts who basically spend their time fantasizing about race war.

      All of us are race and class realists. We recognize that your white, Nordic-Germanic upper middle class dude is smarter, healthier, better-looking and more clear-thinking that anyone else. That is exactly who we want to see when we go to the doctor, lawyer, architect, or presidential election. These dudes get shit done right while the rest of humanity is just thoroughly mediocre.

      But at the same time, making a cult out of race is stupid. Yes, we want them all gone. Yes, we want (((them))) gone too. We also need to get rid of a lot of stupid white people, proles without souls, and clear out the sociopaths who rule us. But that ain’t gonna happen until democracy falls, and if you think Chuck Schuldiner was gayer than AIDS for dying of fucking AIDS, he was a positively healthy immune system compared to what democracy does to otherwise thriving civilizations.

      1. Ioannis Metaxas says:


  2. Steve says:

    Some of the people here have started to be more helpful and rally around me so i don’t mean to give the whole town a bad name. I want to thank everyone who has been good to me –
    to hell with the rest.

    How did I get involved? Well at first it was for free MMA in SJ. Shit went bad.

    I do love Jesus and the messages and the fact that church isn’t boring. The music in SJ was great. Brothers Richard and Lance were good to me, as well as others.

    Years later I returned to feel the Holy Spirit and seek help in my time of need.

    In the end I realized it wassn’t a fit, since I am an evangelical Lutheran. The church I attended as a little boy in Anaheim was Evangelical Lutheran . And in HS just Lutheran, and was baptized Lutheran.

    When you are sick, marginalized, or socially isolated sometimes you seek a sense of belonging and support. Sometimes when you feel lost, you might go back for more support and to feel the Holy Spirit.

    They did provide me with the spiritual support I needed, and they do help the homeless and drug addicts. It is forced excorcisms, threats of physical violence and the other things I mentioned which is unnacceptable.

    Honestly I am in a good place today, with lots alcohol and new ink and some friends and trying to start a neighborhood boxing club. I want everyone in my community to get along and be at peace. I am new to Bakersfield and it is my hope that everything can turn around and the sun will rise on a new day where we all stop judging each other and instead learn to trust and support each other as a community.


    1. Jesus has some serious problems man. He preaches weakness and submission. At a metal show, Jesus would get raped.

  3. Steve says:

    Unfortunately there was overt discrimination against my brother’s disability today by a rather large franchise here in town. Don’t worry though , it will be taken care of in the proper fashion.

    Also all my music on Bandcamp will be set to free. and I only play classical guitar now and am not interested in anything except for taking care of my family and helping to create a society free of harassment and discrimination.

  4. Good work exposing the parasites.

  5. Anphezeton says:

    Love is the law, love under will.
    It’s insane that in 2019 these cults still have the draw and power they seem to have.

  6. Steve says:

    Jesus actually rebelled against the Roman Empire and the church at the time. He was courageous and sought change.

    To the extent I am against discrimination, that is because I always root for the underdog. There is a tendency in Bakersfield for people to treat the elderly and the disabled poorly. And I support the downtrodden and feel they should be lifted up, rather than hidden or rejected by society. There was once a time when metal was about giving societal misfits a place at the table.

    I want to be clear that the SJW’s are no friends of mine , and that I have NO support from the religious community. Those groups do nothing but antagonize me.

    1. Blackened Power Metal Or No Metal At All says:

      the roman empire was hesh tho tbh fam

      1. spurious questioner says:

        hey you like that serpent ov old or what? their old shit’s pretty phat

        1. Sweep Picking in Black Metal = Hesh says:

          Serpent ov Old is indeed phat as hell my dude. Looking forward to the new album!

  7. sarcastro says:

    Why don’t we have a healthy discussion of Richard Posner, possibly the last honest jurist in Western Society

    “The basic fallacy of liberalism is the idea that if we get together with reasonable people we can agree on everything. But you can’t agree: strife is ineradicable, a fundamental part of nature, in storms and in human relations.”

    Is the DMU still accepting submissions?

    1. Ioannis Metaxas says:

      DMU is always accepting submissions mate. Send them to Nicholas on discord or on his email! We often miss reading other people’s articles on our favorite site too!

  8. Whoever says:

    I disown the metal community too. There are a few such as Brett , who though controversial , have been there for me. However , it is incidental that we both like metal. True friendships have nothing to do with trivial bullshit such as metal. And I will qualify this by adding that race is also a bullshit matter , and that even of Brett were a purple Martian, he would still be my friend , and vice versa.

    Goodbye “metal community”.

  9. That’s what you get for being Christian. Fuck Christianity and fuck this moron, too. I am ashamed I live in the same state as this fool does.

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