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Goatcraft album to be released this spring

by Ralph Archer
January 10, 2013 –

goatcraft---all-for-naughtOn March 20th 2013, Forbidden Records will release All For Naught, the début album of “necroclassical” band Goatcraft. Its sole member, Lonegoat, was relieved to have it finished:

From passing around recordings that were sporadic, created from boredom, to becoming a formidable musical act, it’s been a challenge to create and mold an album that’d encompass all that Goatcraft should be for its debut.

Initiated in 2010, Goatcraft released a self-titled demo on Pale Horse Recordings in 2011.

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  • Nord

    I put off listening to this based on the name and imagery which was silly of me because when I finally listened to the demo it is truly great. Nothing to do with cruelty towards goats in fact it is worship of nature and the beauty in darkness (the only world an animal can see).

    The melody type and song structure is purely black metal inspired but played with piano, which is nice as it gives a certain clarity compared to the predominantly synth-oriented approach most others would take. If any criticism is warrented I would say the intrument timbre becomes a little abraded with too much reverb. It might also be good to use a different instrument to carry different melodic ideas. But otherwise I would look forward to hearing a full length work.

    Goat oath and infernal hails


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