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Goatcraft – The Blasphemer and live radio appearance

by Brett Stevens
September 5, 2013 –


Sole Goatcraft musician Lonegoat has taken to San Antonio’s KSYM 90.1 radio to do an hourlong interview and announce the new album, The Blasphemer, which Goatcraft will release in the first quarter of 2014.

The Blasphemer will be themed around the work of English theologian and poet William Blake and will be released by I, Voidhanger records. Lonegoat describes it as “a bridge between esoteric art and music.”

We are fortunate to be able to present a preview of the track “The House of Death,” based on the William Blake painting of the same name, from The Blasphemer.

Goatcraft – “The House of Death” from The Blasphemer

Now that the live broadcast is completed, it’s possible to hear the podcast as it was broadcast live. It’s in two segments, an improvisational necroclassical session and an interview Lonegoat, the singular force behind Goatcraft.

Goatcraft – Live Improvisational Necroclassical

Goatcraft – Live Radio Interview

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