Mefitis Release Debut Album Emberdawn

Dark metal band Mefitis have finally released the album of the decade Emberdawn. The full review can be found here. According to the band, a physical release is planned for September for those who don’t care for digital purchases. Either way it is compulsory listening for all our readers.

11 thoughts on “Mefitis Release Debut Album Emberdawn

  1. Darkthrone plays Karelian Isthmus?

    1. weird comparison but if it suits you.

      1. Will says:

        Pre-black metal Darkthrone for sure. That’s what was going through my head on first listen as well. Well, that plus the second Sentenced album.

        1. Yeah definitely, all Dark metal derives from Soulside Journey.

  2. Cerebral Boner says:

    This is the shit. Undoubtedly a future classic. Cover looks like a rendition of Silence of the Centuries.

  3. Misty Mountains says:

    I’d really like to hear Brett’s take on Emberdawn

  4. We Are Death... Fukk You! says:

    This reminds me of Demilich a lot, to be honest.

  5. Frozenlake says:

    Yup, this is masterful. Totally with you here Nick. The riffs are magnificent, the guitar interplay marvelous and the arrangements spectacular. And if such an over the top string of adjectives feels suspicious, fear not, they are but the produce of my writing shortcomings. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time hoping for a gem of this caliber, and it seems that you have been hoping as well, with he additional merit if doing the actual digging and sifting. So let me thank you for bringing this marvel into full light. I’ve already started spreading the word, with positive response so far.

    1. Those guys deserve it and are much better than the chinese Mefitis. I hope they provide a spark to other bands and reignite the passion and fire that has been missing in metal for a while.

  6. Cynical says:

    Hmm… it’s good, but I think “album of the decade” is a big overstatement. These guys remind me a lot of Capharnum on “Reality only Fantasized” or Atrocity on “Toddesensucht” — excellent sense of melody that maintains structural continuity, but an overbearing need to move things forward constantly instead of sitting on key riffs for a while, using cyclical mini-structures in a larger context Morbid Angel-style, and returning to old riffs in the changed context of a song after more themes have been introduced limits how expressive they can be in the moment and even makes them come across as a bit low attention-span/spastic at times (especially in that first song).

    A little patience would help these guys unlock a lot more of their potential.

    1. Timber says:

      I am only on my first listen through the album but I am longing for a few moments where the riffs are reintroduced in later sections of the songs. There is definitely a lot to unpack here and I do not intend to be unfair but the A – B – C – D – E etc structure really softens the integrity of these riffs when it doesn’t change much song after song. Everything here is itself very enjoyable otherwise.

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