Megadeth – Super Collider preview

megadeth-super_colliderSpeed metal legends Megadeth have released the title track from their upcoming album Super Collider. Sounding similar to the late 90s albums which found Megadeth exploring a more commercial direction, the new work features the standard hard rock structure designed for maximum radio exposure.

Although fans of their older material may not appreciate the return to that style of music, it will almost assuredly increase awareness of the Megadeth brand. Along with Metallica and Slayer, Megadeth was one of the foundational pillars of speed metal.

Mixing a blend of bursts of aggression in among longer songwriting narratives, the bands created an organic presentation of death, war, and other dark subjects; not simply to glorify the carnage but to break free of the politically correct time in which they were conceived and to present an alternative.

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4 thoughts on “Megadeth – Super Collider preview”

  1. bitterman says:

    I liked Megadeth once upon a time. Listening to Rust in Peace, their masterpiece, I was mesmerized by all the riffs and crazy solos, cool lyrics (Five Magics), but quickly realized it was all just an alternative to the old Slayer I didn’t want to get old. At that point even Morbid Angel and Entombed were on MTV and we can now plainly see that Megadeth never went further than Bay Area Speed Metal and were only an updated, more technical Metallica. Death metal was going to replace it, it was more expressive than any stadium rock emotion meets Motorhead attitude band like Testament any day. At least with this new Megadeth, we can plainly hear a band still vying for radio acceptance, like on Cryptic Writings or Youthanasia, and are not pretending to be metal for the sake of having a marketing gimmick like, for example, Metallica’s Death Magnetic or (less obviously to some) later Amorphis, which is just Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun played backwards 10 different ways for 30 minutes with lots of distortion and note trills for the appearance of something “metal” happening. Inoffensive “wife driving the kids, going to work” radio music, but it will put the name out there for the interested, and increase awareness for that scene’s usurper: Slayer.

    1. Speed metal was limited by its tendency to still want to play by the “rock rules” of songwriting. Death metal threw all that out the window. Thank Satan.

  2. Fuck… this BLOWS.

    Every band that gets good, eventually the rock music effect happens and they start pandering to the LCD.

    Then the good lyrics go out the window, replaced by yeah yeah yeah… the smart solos get “bluesy” which means simplistic shit… the song structures go into sitcom format.

    I’m not asking for rocket science in my music, just that it not get dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.

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