The grim truth about mainstream entertainment

You could have art, or meaningful exploration of life through media, but instead you want the lowest common denominator “entertainment” e.g. ways to pass the time between job and sleep, waiting for death. No surprise your chosen dalits are degenerates:

According to former child star Corey Feldman, child molestation is rampant in the entertainment industry, as he told Nightline in an interview.

“The No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia,” he said Wednesday. According to Feldman, the “casting couch” exists for children, too.

Feldman asserts that directors and other adults in the industry take advantage of young aspiring actors on a regular basis. “It’s all done under the radar… But it’s the big secret,” the 40-year-old said. – CNN

Sodomy, pedophilia, race fetishism, sexual musical chairs… it’s a wonder anyone listens to Hollywood at all.

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Black Lake fest

Black Lake Fest VI
3 Locations – 3 Weekends – 3 Headliner
The 6th Edition of Black Lake Fest will grow up and go with a different approach.
3 different locations, 3 different kind of black metal, 3 different dates.
3 headliners: Necros Christos, Lifelover, Dornenrech.
All in October. All in Lumbardia / Italy
Part 1
1st October, Carlito’s Way – Retorbido (PV)
Necros Christos + Mortuary Drape + Abysmal Grief + Black Oath + guests
Part 2
15th October, Shelter Live – Lipomo (CO)
Lifelover + Hypothermia + guest
Part 3
31st October, Decimo Secolo – Brescia (BS)
Dornenreich + Agrypnie + (EchO) + Sedna + guest
Info & Presales

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History of a Time to Come (documentary)

Looks like someone is making a history of Brokeback Island UK speed metal (sometimes miscalled “thrash”):

Welcome to the website of A History of a Time To Come – the story of UK thrash, a documentary telling the tale of british thrash metal through the ages, from the early 80s to the present day.

The film aims to fill in the blanks in the history of the genre, where those bands who were once so popular, have faded from memory.

Check out the film:

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Post removed

Hey, I don’t like this post. Please remove it. People on this site are childish… and complete waste – with idiot comments that fuel both racial and ethnic hatred. DO NOT FUCKING POST ANY MORE of my stuff on THIS SITE!!!! – Kam Lee

Hope all those responsible are happy.

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Metal Enema on NO CONTROL radio

Austin’s longstanding head-shredding ultra-orthodox metal show Metal Enema returns with a new venue:

METALENEMA – Death, Black, Thrash!
Metalenema began in 1994 on KVRX FM Radio in Austin, Texas. Hosted by The Undertaker and Agapornis Epicac, it was the only radio show broadcast from The University of Texas to local, and later international, acclaim. The show was tied to numerous touring underground concerts and boasted hundreds of listeners at the height of its popularity. It resurfaced as a guest program on BCR in Bridgewater, England, in 1999, and was then revived once more for a series of popular podcasts on from late 2005 to the end of 2007.

The focus of the show is Black and Death Metal spanning the ’80s, ’90s, and the new millennium, as well as some good old timeworn Speed and Thrash Metal for good measure. While the music is always serious, your intrepid hosts are rarely anything but irreverent, ridiculous, and occasionally patently offensive in their quest to promote the long-lost lighter side of an art form they hold so dear. Tune in and give your brain a Viking funeral every Saturday night on No Control Radio on 107.1 HD2! – No control radio on 101x

Check out the older shows (2004-2009) at the Metal Enema website, or tune in on Saturdays from 10 PM – 1 AM CST:

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Thesis on moshing

Could be interesting:

Gabby Riches, a master’s student in the faculty of physical education, is writing her thesis on mosh pits for a degree in recreation and leisure studies.

Riches, 25, has been a heavy metal fan since she was 15. During her undergraduate degree, she decided to combine her hobby and her studies and asked one of her professors if she could do a paper on metal music and immigrant integration.

Her professor liked it, so she did another paper on women’s experiences in heavy metal. She realized she was interested in music fans, so that led her to study mosh pits for her graduate degree. Riches also runs a student group called Heavy Metal on Campus.

Moshing started in the early 1980s in the American hard core punk scene. A band called Bad Brains used to yell at their audience to “mash it up.”

“But the singer had a thick Jamaican accent, so people heard ‘mash’ as ‘mosh,’” said Riches. – Edmonton Journal

A use for academics and English-speaking Canada in the same post. Awesome.

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Inverting the Inverted

Is metal noise?

I guess you could argue(and maybe win) that the music I listen to is noise..but at least it isn’t filth disguised as good- wholesome- music- for- the- whole- family. It tells you it is bad (but you just have to love the guitar work and the little complexities of the music). – /fag

At least it’s not the illusion of happy oblivion at the expense of truth. Indeed.

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