SMR – Will the Madness Ever End?

Peripheral Cortex – God Kaiser Hell
Various Necrophagist riffs arranged in a mathcore style with no rhyme or reason as everything is thrown into the kitchen sink. Vocals are annoying shouts that devolve into nonsensical off-key singing. The best parts are the genuine carnival breakdowns featuring random saxophones as they are less annoying than the Epitaph ripoffs. The gimmick here is “creative freedom” but by doing it in such a random manner, all creativity is lost and what we are left with is a collage of unrelated music packaged into an album.

The Sway of Mountains – Elasticity
Completely instrumental take on Modern Death metal based on this poem written by the composer. Not having vocals is generally a double edged sword as strong vocals can transmit emotion with much more ease but at times they can distract from what is truly going in the music. The songs will begin with a typical Death metal riff and then transpose the riff to a higher octave while changing some of the notes to fit the ideas better. While there are some decent ideas reminiscent of Immolation and Dismember the riffs don’t show anything that hasn’t been done in the genre. Eventually the songs will progress towards Black metal ideas before running out of steam and resorting to some clichés. opening track “Blurred Glow” does this with an chugging chromatic four note chromatic pattern and “Slow Devour” devolves at times into chromatic Punk. While the transitions are done with incredible fluidity, the songs lack push and pull mechanics without the necessary highs that are so essential to Extreme metal, making them meandering and only ending when all possibilities have been exhausting with no other discernible goal in sight. “Mangled Mess” shows a good ear for melody when layered with the more potent riffs but the overall scope of these songs is too wide with too many ideas being explored which is a side effect of the Modern influences present here. Taking these melodies and organizing them into more traditional arrangements of introduction,development and climax with some use of vocals should be the band’s next step. While it doesn’t impress in its current form Elasticity could lead to much greater records.

Tragoe – “Souls”
“Souls” is the first song by composer Tragoe that takes influence from New Wave and combines it with traditional Greek instruments offering a much more ritualistic approach that foregoes a lot of the Oriental influences in traditional Greek music bringing it closer to the Northern European folk styles. The multiple vocalists offer variations on the song’s main melody while slowly progressing the songs through slow modulations of the few motifs present here and using various choruses to culminate the different iterations. Eventually the band settle on one final chorus that ends the song with gusto. A curious take on the genre that seamlessly fuses different thoughts in an intriguing whole. An eventual record shall see whether such optimism is merited.

God Dethroned – The World Ablaze
Arch Enemy inspired Speed metal with the simple chord progressions broken down into tremolo picked melodies. Solos sound like an intermediate guitarist learning how to play Blues. An attempt to sell melodeath to the OSDM revival crowd with Sammath aesthetics.

Kepler A World Beyond Imagination
Darkthrone meets Kreator with bass solos and Attila Csihar singing.

Wind Rose – Wintersaga
One note tremolo picked riffs, drunken chants and power chord riffs lifted straight from Sabaton. This is the kind of Power metal that big labels have pushed over the last decade. The only difference? The lyrics are about dwarves.

Midnight – Rebirth by Blasphemy
Riffs discarded by Venom combined with the more Rock like segments of early Motorhead slowed down to a constant singalong for kids.

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29 thoughts on “SMR – Will the Madness Ever End?”

  1. God Enthroned says:

    As God Dethroned just released a brand new CD (7 februari -entitled Illuminati) I clicked on the link today (10 februari) only to be surprised (and “culturally enriched”) by a 3 sentence-long review lambasting GD’s previous CD that came out like…3 years ago.
    It seems irrelevance and negativity has become the Endgoal of this site.

  2. Mongrel saviour of the white race says:

    is Morpheus Descends good metal music?

    1. Thewaters says:


    2. maelstrrom says:

      It’s worth exploring for those who can see beyond aesthetics

    3. Yes, although primal and prone to use repetition as a weapon.

    4. thehotters says:


  3. Steven even beaver says:

    Music poems are gaaaaay

  4. Val Dagúr says:

    >opening track “Blurred Glow” does this with an chugging chromatic four note chromatic pattern and “Slow Devour” devolves at times into chromatic Punk

    Based and chromaticpilled

  5. Johnny_cab says:

    That new Midnight album landed at number 52 on the Billboard charts. In good company with Billie Ellish and Pet Shop Boys.

    Metal Blade laughed at Jamie back in the day, but now that he’s got the ability to produce a few dollars, he got signed to a bigger label beyond Hell’s Headbangers. That homo from Night Demon even managed to attach himself to their waste duct as some sort of “manager,” seems fitting considering the Night Demon live double-CD is clogging up $1 bins in every record store around Cleveland…

  6. Sodomized Negrolord says:

    Still waiting for a review of Overtures of Blasphemy (2018) by Deicide.

    1. I live in an alternate reality timeline where the Deicide tour bus drove off the road on the Once Upon The Cross tour, and we remember them as heroes.

      1. Sodomized Negrolord says:

        I hope Morbid Angel is in that bus too, for fuck sake.

  7. The real epidemic is not the coronavirus but low quality metal music!

    1. Sinbad says:

      good thing you can skip the last 25 years and save yourself some trouble

      1. Yeah Totes says:

        Implying older music is better.

        1. In this genre, that is often true. Not uniformly however. We hope for the revival, probably about the same time the Asteroid of Eugenic Cleansing saves Earth from its infestation of humans.

          1. Kay says:

            OK boomer

            1. For your IP, this site now redirects to Have a good one.

              1. It's okay to be gay says:

                The holy trifecta! Homophobic, likes old music and racist! Amazing. Not many of you in the wild. Call national geographic!

                1. Seaman says:

                  Ok faggot.

                2. stop thinking so much says:


                  1. Retards are equal in a democracy.

                3. Homophobic

                  Another Left-word. I am a realist; no one wants a gay child. Heterosexual nuclear families drive the human species. If all homosexuals died tomorrow, nothing would be seriously impacted. At the same time, for years I have endorsed mutual tolerance in exchange for minority sexual behaviors remaining hidden.

                  Likes old music

                  More likely: has high quality standards, and lacks the time to wade through most of the new music to see if there is anything good there. After two decades of NWN/FMP types telling me about the new stuff that was just as good as the old, only to find three-chord disorganized slashing, I listen where I can but realize that in dying genres, 99% of everything comes highly recommended by very enthusiastic people and is described in superlatives, but that merely compensates for the fact that there is no reason to listen to it.


                  Genetic realist, more likely. I acknowledge the differences between groups, including social classes. I realize that diversity is a death spiral. I favor blaming diversity instead of attacking specific ethnic groups, but I am not going to stop noticing things, either.

                  See also:

                  tl;dr: “It’s my tit, bitch!”

                  1. Slappadabass says:

                    Legitimately enjoyed that. Thanks for clarifying. National geographic shall not be called. <3 You're a little less of an asshole than I assumed.

                    1. Only a very small amount, I promise. Cheers

          2. Gen XYZ says:

            This pretty much applies to most, if not all media. Its either complete trash, or third-rate retro revival (with modern influences).

            The only thing that has improved are sextoys.

            1. Gen XYZ says:

              Oh yeah and trannies have gotten better too.

  8. Thomas L says:

    That Tragoe video, cool story.

  9. Paul Masvidal says:

    Some of these are worse than Sean Reinert dying of AIDS.

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