The Spirit – Cosmic Terror

The Spirit are a German band hailing from the Saarland. The band continue the revival trend by taking from Dissection and desecrating their legacy with the worst tribute possible.

The riffs take many of the ideas from Storm of the Light’s Bane and play them almost exclusively in tremolo picking. The short melodic tails are converted to shorter tremolo picked phrases. The tremolo picking allows the band to stretch them in length giving this a static atmospheric feeling that conveys nothing. “The Path of Solitude” outright copies their main influence before going back to the yawn inducing tremolo picking style. The arpeggios follow the same logic but are there to give a sense of non existing variety. The band took the warrior like consonant melodies of Dissection and desecrated through wallpaper effects and the lack of momentum.

Arrangements try to follow the overall flow of Dissection songs but end up sounding as nothing more than the sum of familiar riffs in random order that are cohesive uniquely through similarity rather than narrative function. The vocals are a carbon copy of Nodveidt’s raspy shriek and the lyrics are generated from a Dissection word generator. There is no passion and the vocals sound flat and passionless.

The Spirit is a band whose popularity far exceeds their quality and have failed at making heartless “hommage” to Dissection, a band known for being exceedingly easy to replicate. While they have never been successfully aped, most bands have a decent idea of what Jon Nodveidt tried to achieve. The Spirit on the other hand have released some of the worst music in recent years. Don’t listen to this, don’t look at it and if you ever come near a copy of this, throw it in the bin.

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5 thoughts on “The Spirit – Cosmic Terror

  1. Frozenlake says:

    “Don’t listen to this, don’t look at it and if you ever come near a copy of this, throw it in the bin”.
    And still, here we are, with a full review rather than a one line beheading, SMR style…
    It’s OK though, is is always much easier -and fun- to blame, blast and bash.

    Also, this is an opportunity to tackle the topic of Dissection worship, one that should be put to rest once and for all. Dissection is emblematic of the decline of BM. rather than elevating the music, regardless of what potential listeners may like or not, it astutely modifying and simplifying the original BM recipe, mixing in familiar elements taken from metal’s greats(Iron Maiden), along with Death Metal elements, all rounded off with a sweet “melodic” topping, in order to satisfy listeners who could not fully stomach BM in its original form. Dissection offers superficial appeal but somewhat lacks in depth and substance. This may explain why it is so easy to replicate and why these “hommages” are often so unsatisfying. There is simply not enough to work with.
    Simply put, no one should give a fuck about Dissection to begin with. It offers nothing of importance.

    On the other hand, let’s look at a more substantial and truly groundbreaking band, contemporary of Dissection, such as Demilich. Legions of metalheads remain inspired by their sound. Nespithe still ignites greatness. Case in point, the fantastic gem called “It Weighed Itself in Silver” by Exlimitir. How about reviewing that one?

    1. Claudia Roth says:

      Demilich worship gets pretty boring since these bands barely add anything new to the original concept and there is usually something off about them. On the other hand, they aren’t obnoxious enough to rip into them either, so we just ignore them. Exlimitir, for what they are worth, just come across as trying really hard. Shitty vocals too. Demilich is loved for their innovation and boldness, something a worship band can never recapture by definition.

      Really fires up those neurons how Demilich were able to get a band of proficient musicians together to realize some of the most unique musical ideas ever conceived, complete with fitting vocals and lyrics when even modern musicians with all their tools and connections can’t produce an imitation as polished as the original.

    2. bloodypulp says:

      dissection is a metal band

    3. Krakdadi says:

      Dissection – easy to replicate? Wtf are you smoking? Somberlain is a classical masterpiece on par with At the Gates and Sacramentum.

      Storm’ is mediocre and Reinkaos is crap, though that is obvious.

  2. frank rizzo says:

    The facebook link at the top of this site is different than the following (is it supposed to be a secret?)

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