Exhumed - In the Name of Gore (split with Hemdale)


Review: Exhumed, in a death metal styling, provides flowing speed riffs over blast beats next to flailing chaotic interrupted drumming, finding aggression in the sweep of its cycle from aberration to denial. Hemdale find a purer voice of grind and bring a churning rhythm of their own with its own savage and obscene moments. If you love grind you will enjoy this; Exhumed for its evolution and Hemdale for its beautiful regression.


1. Horrendous Member Dismemberment
2. Septicemia (Festering Sphinctral Malignancy Part 2)
3. Masochistic Copramania
4. Necrovores: Decomposing the Inanimate
5. Disinterred, Digested, and Debauched
6. Bone Fucker
7. The Naked and the Dead
8. Necro-Transvestite Torso
9. Dissecting the Caseated Omentum
10. Death metal

Length: 53:05

Exhumed - In the Name of Gore (split with Hemdale): Grindcore 1996 Exhumed

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