Mütiilation - Grimly Reborn


Review: The obscure French madmen reveal a summary of their songwriting ideas applied as a formula, with no unique shape to songs as previously distinguished their work, but a constant format of frequently changing riffs employing the same techniques that had once made this band great.


1. The eggs of melancholy
2. New false prophet
3. The hanged priest
4. Curse my funeral
5. Inferi ir ductus
6. A dream
7. Black Millenium
8. No mercy for humans
9. Black as lead and death

Length: 44:09

Mütiilation - Grimly Reborn: Black Metal 2001 Mütiilation

Copyright © 2001 Drakkar

Where previous works were a view into a developing psyche the material that is now Mütiilation lacks any desire for conceptualization and seems almost an offhand repetition for the sake of the process itself, leading to confusion as evident in the lack of motif development in songs and the pathetic cover, apologetic post-faked-suicide rant, and constant pleading for attention through use of emphatic style. It goes nowhere and should not; it has no spirit.