Amon Goeth
The Worship
[Nazgul's Eyrie]

Amon Goeth's second disc sees them continuing from where they left off. The old school riffing that brings Motorhead/Venom/Celtic Frost to mind remains intact and they like to beat you over the head with those riffs. The songs are long and mid paced, no speed fest here. One's attention may begin to stray here and there but overall this is a fairly decent disc though not quite as good as their debut. First song 'The Worship' is a bit too long but opens strongly with it's intro from 'The Seventh Seal'. It's that memorable chant heard with the appearance of the Flagellants (Abigor also used it on their debut). 'Confrontation' may be the best song on the CD with it's rocking riff and neato Katatonia like section (Katatonia really bag nowadays but there was a time when Blackheimy's music was kinda cool). I must say that I like this band and black metal narrator Dr.Fe kicks ass!!!

6 songs 53:45 m:s

1998 malphas