Yes, this is the "other" Helheim, and by far the superior and original of the two. This mCD really impressed me the first time I heard it, and after more than a year (how does time fly so quickly???) it still does. Originality is the name of the game here, and deciding to switch styles from basic black metal to a more industrial sounding, and very originally voiced was an excellent idea for this trio. Music for the most part is hyper-fast, but unlike bands like Mysticum, the drum machine doesn't signal an end to the music. Nice samples, heavy and very morbid sounding riffs, and interesting vocals nicely save the EP from total death. The vocals, as mentioned before, are very original in a non-black metal fashion. I'm having a great deal of difficulty classifying them (I've heard this style before...not in black metal obviously) but they are screamed in somewhat of a clean fashion. The interesting point is that they sound far angrier, and when screamed (such as at 4:30 on track one) sound beyond simply "hate filled"...they make shivers run up a persons spine (especially when distorted). Besides creating 25 minutes of excellent music via four tracks, the band also create their own atmosphere. There's something special about the way the riffs move with the vocals and the drum machine...again, very original, and worth whatever amount of money you'll have to put down for it. I'm really looking forward to hearing the full-length from these guys, so much that it's one of the few albums I'm actually anticipating in the near future.

1997 brand