Funeral Frost
Queen of Frost
[Wolfnacht Domain]

Now here's one for all lover's of super-speed, violently evil sounding black metal! Funeral Frost provide us with 45 minutes of generic, yet solid sounding super speed, occasionally slowing down for some melody, and enough time for us to laugh at the miserable cover art (WAIT until you see this). There's really nothing exceptionally impressive here, it's just one of those albums that is worthy enough to listen to in the morning or when your in a violent mood. Unlike other Swedish speedy bands such as Dark Funeral though, F.F rely less on keeping perfect melody structures and sound, and go more for the vicious speed breaks, and all out insanity. Sort of a Swedish (sounding) Baltak if your looking for a closer relation. Drumming is supremely tight, guitars are interesting at times, and the vocals are most verily extreme by all measures. I continue to hate the Scandinavian black metal scene (for the most part), and I won't recommend this album outside of a tape-trade, but at least it pleased me enough to worthy a few more listens. It will get boring quite soon though, I can guarantee that.

1997 brand