Order From Chaos

Order From Chaos. The simple mentioning of this bands name invokes images of brutal black/thrash/death in it's finest, most classic form. The worship of Sodom, the taking of Bathory's music to new levels, pure vile sickness. Order from Chaos have done all of this throughout the years, and with Dawnbringer produce a well done, although less superior to previous material disc. The music here is of course still classic Order From Chaos, the vocals are still Bathory-ish, the music is still violently fast and evil sounding, and the basic "aura" created here will still bring smiles to all metal lovers' faces. Nothing in my mind will ever top "Stillbirth Machine" though, simply because I find that disc to be the band's musical pinnacle of sorts. For those of you who have never heard the band (shame on you) here's a basic breakdown of what they sound like:

-Vocals: Order From Chaos have always been known for their early black metal style vocals ala Bathory. Luckily though, these aren't the boring Bathory style vox that fill the modern black metal scene. Rather, OFC actually push and screech the rasp, and by doing that create a very sick sound

-Music: Very death/thrash/old-style black. The band nicely use solos, punishing yet crunchy guitar sounds, and tight speed. Take a little Sodom, mix a little Bathory, and you have the basic OFC sound. In addition, the trio use some original sounds, excellent riffs, and raise the brutality level up a notch or two. Without a question excellent.

If you haven't checked out any of Order From Chaos' albums than it's violently advised that you do. The band itself, besides being excellent, took extreme metal to a whole new level, and sadly enough never received a mass amount of credit for it. Now broken up, members have formed such bands as the popular Angel Corpse (on Osmose) and Vulpecula. Classic, brutal, and a necessary addition to any metal fans collection, not just for the excellent music, but for the major contribution to what many of us now call "extreme metal".

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