Blut Aus Nord
Father's of the Icy Age
[Impure Creations]

Hmmmmm....what can I possibly say about this CD?? Err...Lovely packaging...nice band logo...they're French! Well to tell you the truth, this CD is horribly boring even though there's definitely some talent behind the instruments (good synths, a nice thick guitar noise, some nice solos) the CD is destroyed even off the first listen. Generic vocals (not even GOOD generic vocals-reminds me of something...but what?), a Mysticum-esque drum machine (which works in some parts actually) and PATHETIC monk-like singing/chanting add up to nothing but a waste of your time (and cash for that matter). Re-listening to it though, I've found that the first song "Slaughterday (the heathen blood of ours)" does contain some interesting riffs and melodies to it, but besides that, this CD is basically non re-playable.

1997 brand