De Profundis

Vader have never exactly been my favourite death metal band, but upon hearing this release, they will be receiving some future support from myself from here on. The sheer intensity of this album is so violently impressive that it….well…it does something for me. The album starts out with a studio produced explosion, and then blasts into the pumped up "Silent Empire". A person truly has to listen to this song at high levels to understand just how a high energy, yet brutal death track should sound like. The song itself utilizes the basic "tough" guy death vocals (mid level yet harsh grunts) that Vader are well known for, yet through the originally produced drums (#@$@# I love drum sounds like this) which blast forth and roll at violent levels and the technically melodic guitars which raise the music…well I'm sure you understand the point I'm trying to get across. Basic gist: This album is violent, tough sounding, fast beyond your wildest dreams, filled with thick and interesting sounding guitars, and so well done that it deserves your support. Vader may have disappointed in the past, but this release will leave the gits at Earache punching the walls in anger for ever letting a band like this leave their roster. Hate-filled death metal with enough brutality and melody to please just about anyone.

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