Obtained Enslavement
Centuries of Sorrow

The reason that there's a [????] where the record label name is meant to be placed is because the CD came without the tray slip, and there's no mentioning of any label inside the case, so.... Anyways, this is fairly straight-forward, uninteresting black death metal. When these guys sound like black metal, they remind me of a generic, brutally melodic band with Burzum-ish vocals (arrrgghhh..what do these remind me of besides Burzum??). When they take more of a death-metal tuning to them, they sound like Monstrosity or Cannibal Corpse's "The Bleeding" mixed with some weak grunted vocals. Although I was hoping for a doom album by the looks of the title (and even the cover art when I finally got my hands on it), this is just straight-forward, boring black metal with some occasional death metal sections. Nothing more to really say about this band, I've heard they've taken a more full on black-metal feel with their new CD, but this is most obviously not recommended. Disappointing really :(

1997 brand