Destroyer 666
Violence is the prince of this world
[Modern Invasion]

Destroyer 666 (on this release anyway) is a one man band from the land of blasting black/grind-Australia (although Canada is the true home of this particular form of music hehe). The CD starts out with a most vehement surprise-soothing synths with a lovely female voice (for about 10 sec) and then blasts into a rapid riffing blasting drum fest. Fuck this rules!!!! The whole CD destroys for the short period of time (25 or so min.) that it lasts-only to slow down for a few minor synth intros and the amazing final song "The Eternal Glory of War"-which contains a most excellent (yet simple) riff over a toned down drum pattern. Vocals are mid-ranged violent screamed growls-and add a final *excellent* touch to the music. For fans of such bands as Bestial Warlust (although D666 is 100% better if you ask me)-or any form of extreme black/grind metal I *highly* recommend this CD. I can't wait to hear the upcoming "Unchain the Wolves" CD by this lot.

1997 brand