Lock Up
Pleasures Pave Sewers
[Nuclear Blast]

Style: Grindcore

Vocals: Peter Tagtgren's excellent vocals are completely wasted on this project, and although they are good in and of themselves, they do not work at all with the music, nor do they improve this album in any way. It says in the liner notes that the vocals were recorded and produced separately from the music, which is a good explanation. 4/10

Guitars: The fat Spanish guy from Napalm Death playing utterly tedious grind riffs, that Napalm have been recycling ever since "Utopia Banished". 0/10

Bass: The fat Afro'd member of Napalm Death. See "Guitars". 0/10

Drums: Nick Barker who used to play for Cradle of Filth, now Dimmu Borgir. Maybe him leaving is the reason C.O.F are now half-decent, and Dimmu Borgir are sucking more ass than usual. 0/10

Songwriting: Utter shit. Boring/tired riffs, drumming, lyrics, etc. 0/10

Production: The Nuclear Blast, loud/thick production extravaganza. Painful to the ears and brain. 0/10

Packaging: I'm not going to go into it; its horrible packaging. Maybe the worst ever. 0/10

Overall: Everyone involved with this fiasco should be locked up. Tagtgren went on to the excellent new Hypocrisy record, and the aptly titled PAIN band. I've been hearing good things about the new Napalm Death, but last I heard, Dimmu Borgir is worse then ever. I hope it's a long time before another "super group" band is formed.

Grade: D- (Tagtgren's vocals are the only thing keeping this out of F territory)

2001 raagoonshinnaah