Order From Chaos
Stillbirth Machine
[Wild Rags]

I sometimes while walking outside imagine taking my fist and smashing some unfortunate passerby's head into the concrete. Try and imagine the sound of the bone in their skull grinding and mashing against the abrasive surface. Turn up the bass level exponentially on this sound and you have Order From Chaos. Strikingly intense and musical equivalent of a gnarled and dead tree anally impaling a priest, Order From Chaos pound out their insanity at you in raspy and raw hatred. Songs mutate and warp, churning and undulating malevolently in the blackened chaos of the atmosphere of their uncomprehendingly sick minds. But anyway, enough of my babbling about how much they rule. What you can expect -those of you who haven't heard Order From Chaos (shame on you)- is very grindy, raw, blackish old school death metal. Every song on this album will grind your head into the concrete; they are all very consistent with each other yet still individual. This is the kind of album that you never just sit and listen to, it is an album that will bring on a inhuman urge to rise from your chair and thrash uncontrollably. Overall this is a needed album for anyone who thinks of him or herself as a fan of raw and harsh metal. Those with heart conditions or pregnancies may wish to avoid this release.

1998 grotesque